who's your pick?

Player - YES, very definitely - thinking Son of Christ is God Almighty that is VERY BAD - actually down right insane if you want to get serious about it.

Even the Bible warns you so. Read The Book of Job sometime. God IS beyond our understanding.

Jesus may be your way to happiness, but that does NOT make him The Only Way, or the God Almighty of Time and Light, Life and Love.



God is a creation of your own mindscape to help you deal with the incomparable vastness of this universe we find ourselves within. Hell, that’s why you are God main concern! We’ve created him in our own nation, every people’s to their own. Religion is good only insofar as it teaches you how to live your own life to its fullest - but too many believe religion is about telling others what to do and thing and who to support.

In the hands of good spirits, religions are beautiful.

In the hands of self-interest, religions are the most hideous weapon people have invented.


God is a creation of our collective Mindscape!!! :- )


Try to seriously think about time and the Universe, get some perspective, a God over all that is way the hell beyond anything you, or we, can grasp with our self-centered bubble of awareness. Seriously. You are mistaking your own EGO for God. That’s a sin in all the holy texts I thought.

Good input.

This is probably the correct thread to report that Jay Inslee just announced his withdrawal from the Dem Presidential Nominee race. He has been a notable candidate due to his focus on Climate Change and his development of a formidable Presidential plan for addressing it.

I like him. His focus on climate change is commendable in my book. He looks presidential and carries himself well. He has had successful administrative experience. I strongly believe that he would make a fine President. He just wasn’t breaking thru to catch on with the public. I wish he had been in the race longer so that he could have made an even greater impact. But maybe it was enough for some other candidate to take up his baton. He said his plan is open for the taking.

Earth citizen - nothing to say about climate change and the media??

P, You have not responded about Bullock. Climate change and media critique threads are elsewhere. Don’t let ur trolling instincts carry you away.

Timb who died and made u pope

Dear Player,

Sending Good Vibes your way ?

Per your posts, you appear to be suffering from inner turmoil. Life’s too short.

Smile and be kind to one another. No Gods required

Player: Earth citizen – nothing to say about climate change and the media??
You bet plenty, have you ever checked out my Manifesto :- | https://confrontingsciencecontrarians.blogspot.com/p/ccs.html


Player has reminded me that I initiated this thread, and as such I am it’s Pope, so to speak. In my immaculate correctness, I proclaim that this thread is about candidates for the coming USA Presidential Primaries.

Today, there is some chatter about Republicans potentially attempting to preempt the catastrophe that Trump is bringing to the nation and their party, by getting him to bow out. In the very unlikely event that Trump would do so, or would leave office by some other path, that opens up the possibility of a lot more candidates running in the primaries as Republicans. So is anyone interested in Kasich, or Romney or Rubio or Haley or etc, etc, etc.?

Blair’s that should read no gods or masters required

Citizen –

You say

“You bet plenty, have you ever checked out my Manifesto :- | https://confrontingsciencecontrarians.blogspot.com/p/ccs.html

Then why didn’t you come in on the discussion on this as below (Page 14)







Player wrote, " "
Player, that last post you made is by far the best one I've seen from you in a long long time. Not sure what you wrote before you modified it, but no matter what it used to say, this is almost certainly an improvement.

3point - why did you comeback? Nobody missed you.

"Nobody missed you."
Hey! You guessed my nickname for you! It's so cute how you write in the third-person like that.

Cutting edge red neck chatter. Quality stuff from 3 point. Look forward to more of your work on saying nothing about nothing.

3point, always a pleasure to see your posts.

Bernie! Has gone up today, in my estimation. He is proposing a MASSIVE program to address climate change. No more mamby pamby pathetic half measures. $16 trillion. A bargain I think to save the future. One that will pay for itself over and over for those who still live later in this century.

Meanwhile, today, the central part of South America is a gigantic ball of orange. The Earth’s lungs are burning up. The Amazon is being deforested per the wishes of Bosonaro, Fascist leader of Brazil. Exploit the rainforests by destroying them, so that the wealthy can become more wealthy. Turn our great natural engine of taking CO2 out of the air into the reverse - a monstrous contributor of CO2 to the atmosphere.

The Artic is melting. The Amazon is burning. The peat underground in Siberia is burning. We don’t need scientists to tell us that the damage of Climate Change is going to be greater than previous estimations. It’s happening in front of our eyes. While the pro-fascists of the world grow in power (including Trump) as they promote policies to enhance climate change for profit for the already wealthy.

Let’s see what 3 point has to say about the predicament the world finds itself in with global warming. Can’t wait

Are you a cartoon character? A mr. burns with his hands together, fingertips touching as you gleefully anticipate some volatile response?

I can already tell you that 3point is not pro-global warming. How can you be so misguided as to think he might be.

Pro globaL warming??? Death cult?

stupid cryptic posts?