who's your pick?

Player, Can you explain to me how Yang and Williamson are “corporate Dems”? Also, I like Inslee’s focus on then climate change problem. Please explain how you see him as being a “corporate dem”.

Never mind on Inslee. He helped a BIG Boeing deal go thru - so his bona fides as non-corporatist, I see can be questioned. Tho I still like him.

Dont know much about her. Yang wants to eliminate social welfare. Notice you didnt challenge me on the others especially biden

I predict Trump will not be eligible for re-election (Impeached). MaryAnn Williamson is currently my top pick.

Blaire how did u eliminate the others??

Yang wants to give everyone $1000 a month. And your criticism is he wants to end social welfare?

Yang and Williamson were the 1st who struck me as probably the safest non-corporate bets. You can tell me how each of the others are corporate schills. I mean, you’re the one who claimed them all to be corporate dems.


On to what you mean by corporate Dems, of which I imagine, Hillary Clinton would be among the worst, in your book.

Yet, if Hillary were POTUS, right now, we could already have the difference in Justices to the SCOTUS, to potentially reverse Citizens United. Instead we have generations of right wing control of the SCOTUS ahead of us. Because some ideological purists, some idjits who can’t tell a false equivalency from their hind end, were too pissed off about Bernie being treated unfairly, to hold their breath and vote for her, have helped screw the progressive causes over profoundly, possibly for generations.

The Left Wing tea party folks better get on board with electing whoever the Dems come up with, this time. I am all for the Justice Dems. You can work for them, campaign for them, donate to them, everything you can do to help them win the nomination, but if your specific guy/s does not get it, then We ALL need to be on the same page Vs Trump, otherwise might as well open up the Gates of Mordor and let the big eye burn everything good away.

Andrew yang champion of a regressive tax system



You keep coming up with these web cowboys who seem to think they are god’s gift to the pure left. I really wonder about the hidden agendas of these kind of web cowboy political opinion providers that target young left activist types. I looked at Yang’s policies, just now. I could not tell whether what these guys were asserting was accurate, about requiring to giving up any other social program benefits if one takes the $1000/mo. But even if that is the case, as long as, for example, an SSDI beneficiary had Medicare for ALL (another of Yang’s policies) then in most cases they would be better off choosing the Freedom Dividend ($1000/mo).

You also said Yang wanted the most regressive tax. He plans to have a Value Added Tax, which would be quite progressive NOT regressive.

Look at all of his other policies. Jeepers. If that is not progressive enough for you to vote for him if he is the alternative to TRUMP, I suggest that you consider digging up FDR’s dead body, to grind it into a powder, and snort it until your head clears.

Back doot right wing Liberterian. Get them on the $1000 a month train take away the social welfare and then take away the $1000. Job done


Look at that list of Andrew Yang policies! Those are not the policies of a “right wing Liberterian”. Where do you get these paranoid conclusions? You and whoever gives you these distorted ideas are a public menace.

Vat is extremely right wing


Williamson is my top choice for 2 reasons

  1. She is an advocate for Medicare for All. (My background is healthcare)

  2. She does NOT believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

Blaire said,

Williamson is my top choice for 2 reasons

  1. She is an advocate for Medicare for All. (My background is healthcare)

  2. She does NOT believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

Both are excellent indicators of an objective compassion necessary for good governance in a Socio/Economic Democracy.


Thanks for your input, Blaire. I do think it is important for citizens to be trying to discern which of the candidates seem best to them. The Dem candidates will be winnowing down, and someone you might have liked, may have to drop out before they ever become known, due to not getting much interest or support.


According to the Yang site, the VAT " is a more efficient way of generating revenue with no loopholes. Big companies and rich people are excellent at moving things around to avoid taxes – Amazon, Google, and other companies funnel hundreds of billions in earnings overseas. A VAT makes it impossible for them to benefit from the American people and infrastructure without paying their fair share."

The VAT is proposed to pay for the $1000/mo (UBI). If a VAT were meant to replace all standing progressive taxes, I agree THAT would be a problem.

Also Yang says that staples will get the tax at a lower rate or even zero. While luxury items are at the higher rate. So that’s not particularly regressive.

Note: I am responding to what I consider to be misguided criticism of Yang. I am not suggesting that he is among my top picks, at this time. I am really undecided.


Player, do you have a problem with Bullock?

Blaire. You rate no 2 more important than corruption - money in politics? Why dismiss bernie and warren?


Warren is my #2 pick

Bernie is my #3 pick


Blaire - son of christ bad but homeopathy good???

I take it that Player has looked in to Williamson just enough to make some vague and distorted criticisms of her, so as to pick at you Blaire. If you hadn’t noticed that is sort of his thing. No one is sure what he gets out of it. We just know that it is irritating.