What's up with the Secret Service? Destroying evidence for the trumpkin?


A letter given to the January 6 committee says the erasure took place shortly after oversight officials requested the agency’s electronic communications.

Ken Klippenstein - July 14 2022

“People need to understand that if Pence had listened to the Secret Service and fled the Capitol, this could have turned out a whole lot worse,” a congressional official not authorized to speak publicly told The Intercept. “It could’ve been a successful coup, not just an attempted one.”

But, the Office of Inspector General letter suggests, key evidence in the form of the Secret Service’s electronic communications may never see the light of day. The Department of Homeland Security — the Secret Service’s parent agency — is subject to oversight from the DHS Office of Inspector General, which had requested records of electronic communications from the Secret Service between January 5 and January 6, 2021, before being informed that they had been erased. It is unclear from the letter whether all of the messages were deleted or just some.

Department officials have also pushed back on the oversight office’s records request by arguing that the records must first undergo review by DHS attorneys, which has delayed the process and left unclear if the Secret Service records would ever be produced, according to the letter.

A Customs and Border Protection official provided The Intercept with a document illustrating the challenges. A briefing memo produced by the agency for a leadership meeting with the DHS Office of Inspector General on July 7 instructs participants on how to push back against what it calls the inspector general’s “persistent” request for “direct, unfettered access to CBP systems,” as part of its “high number of OIG audits covering a variety of CBP program areas.” In a section titled “Watch Out For/ If Asked,” the memo describes a number of exemptions Customs and Border Protection can rely on to evade records requests from the inspector general’s office — including national security exemptions.

Julia Ainsley reports on the Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog’s allegation that the Secret Service deleted a “significant number” of text messages from both Jan. 6 and 5. The Secret Service claims the deletions were part of a previously scheduled device replacement program, which Mika Brezinski refers to as “a huge stretch, at best.”

My guess is that they had something to hide.

But, that’s just speculation on my part.

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This is beginning to sound like a blockbuster political intrigue movie.

Maybe this segment. But the whole story will take a limited series Netflix show.

“MAGAt Things”

When people go upside-down

They are definitely hiding something.

July 21, 2022

Secret Service Text Deletion Scandal Deepens; Criminal Investigation Opened

Carol Leonnig, Washington Post investigative reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow and an MSNBC panel about the latest developments in the investigation of the deletion of text messages by Secret Service officials on January 5th and 6th.

Lock them Up!
Lock them Up!
Lock them Up!

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The January 6 committee played video of the January 6 riot synced with radio traffic from then-Vice President Mike Pence’s Secret Service detail as they were working to get Pence to safety as rioters breached the Capitol.

The Lincoln Project

After 187 minutes of inaction as the US Capitol was under siege by rioters sent by Trump, the first words he thought to say were “the election was stolen.” The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.
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the Democrats are insulating Trump’s conspirators from criminal prosecution.

@vegansrock1, where do you come up with that?

focus on a handful of cronies—Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman while insulating the far broader sections of the ruling class and the state apparatus that were involved in the coup.

That’s vague. Not worth a follow up question

You mean, focusing on criminals?

You can’t bring a class action suit against the ruling class. They run the court system. That’s what makes them the ruling class. They Founders warned of populism, but didn’t have a way to prevent it. Well, better education maybe.

the hearings have ignored or are unwilling to pursue and investigation and answer

*why was the Capitol left so poorly protected on January 6.
*why the FBI failed to issue a threat assessment in advance of the official certification of Biden’s victory
*why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) failed to declare the January 6 joint session of Congress a National Special Security Event (NSSE).

Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack - Review of the Security, Planning and Response Failures on Jan 6 - Senate Report


As they say, that’s an excellent question.

National Special Security Events: Fact Sheet
Updated January 11, 2021

They can’t look into everything.
Also consider the public appetite, sort of another example how environment dictates creature behavior. Americans don’t want to be bothered for the most part, it seems like. Why no better grassroots informing, educating and organizing and motivating into engaging? More excellent questions.

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During these hearings they tried their best to avoid raising critical questions like why the Capital was poorly defended on January 6 at a time when both FBI and Homeland security knew in advance the possibility of a coup. In doing so, however, this will not only undermine their version of events, but would also expose the democrats as well. In any case it is hard to believe to the narrative of both ruling class parties in this respect. No President or leader alone can create the conditions of such scenario without the full knowledge and support of party members and security agents. They know full well that revealing the complete “truth” to the public under these circumstances would destabilize the American bourgeois political order especially at a time of growing uncertainty on all fronts.

Yup, there is that. A lot of enablers, up-front and two faced.

Which is why it failed. It’s why we are still a democracy.

I know it’s a pain to read reports by bureaucrats, but sometimes, that’s where the work gets done. People are complaining that the hearings are a waste of time. Imagine if they were talking about some chief of police somewhere and their failure to read an intelligence report.

If you are going to comment on these things @vegansrock1, you have responsibility to be informed

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People still ahven’t found Pelosi’s laptop and Secret service is hiding because of democrats attempt to destablize the senate. Trump is innoncent.