January 6th & Sandy Hook Massacre, Alex Jones what's the connection?

A quick summary of where were at today.

Ali Velshi looks at why the January 6th investigation is interested in the contents of Alex Jones’ phone that were mistakenly given to the lawyers for a Sandy Hook family suing Jones, particularly after Jones claims he asserted the Fifth Amendment over one hundred times when he interviewed with the investigation in January.
Paul Butler, former federal prosecutor, joins for analysis.

The prosecutor pointed out the error to Jones’ lawyers, but lawyers are too stupid to properly deal with the leak immediately, now they feel victimized and want a mistrial.

Mr. Banks prosecutor points out defense never Asserted Privilege over said document dump. (6min) “Please disregard” is meaningless - especially when Reynal’s never bothered to send an edited version of requested documents.

Rule 1933 - means Reynal’s dropped the ball, and waved their privilege.

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The defense filed an emergency of protection regarding Alex Jones’ attorney F. Andino Reynal accidentally sending Jones’ cellphone record to plaintiffs’ attorney Mark Bankston. The defense asked for a mistrial but was denied.

Aside from his despicable lies about Sandy Hook, Jones was one of the leaders of the Jan6 rabble. He was designated to lead the mob to the Capitol, The interest is in who Jones was in contact with that gave him authority to lead the mob.

None of this was spontaneous. Everything was planned way in advance and the current focus is on who was doing all his advanced planning.

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