"Zero Fail" - the rise and fall of the Secret Service. by Carol Leonnig


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Political Corruption Of Secret Service Made Biden Safety A Concern
Carol Leonnig, Washington Post reporter and author of "Zero Fail," talks with Rachel Maddow about the compromised state of the Secret Service and the problem of agents openly advocating for Donald Trump and sympathizing with the January 6th insurrection being tasked with protecting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.


The ‘frat boy culture’ of the Secret Service - by Rosa Brooks

https: //www. washingtonpost. com/outlook/the-frat-boy-culture-of-the-secret-service/2021/05/12/0a8c238e-a205-11eb-a774-7b47ceb36ee8_story. html


May 14, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. MDT

Say the words “Secret Service,” and — thanks to countless television and Hollywood dramas — it’s a safe bet that nearly every American will instantly summon up the image of a clean-cut, watchful agent in a dark suit, murmuring discreetly into a small microphone. For most of us, the Secret Service is synonymous with sober professionalism and selfless courage. But in “Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service,” Carol Leonnig offers a powerful antidote to Hollywood fantasies. There’s plenty of courage in the Secret Service as Leonnig describes it, but not as much professionalism as you might think, and not nearly enough sobriety.



Leonnig, a Washington Post journalist with three Pulitzers under her belt, is thorough and unsparing in her account. Page by page and detail by implacable detail, she walks us through a catalogue of Secret Service blunders: its failure to prevent a near-fatal assassination attempt on George Wallace during his 1972 presidential campaign that left the Alabama governor paralyzed from the waist down; its acquiescence in President Richard Nixon’s illegal wiretapping schemes; its inability to stop would-be assassin John Hinckley from walking within 15 feet of President Ronald Reagan and opening fire; its failure to keep interlopers and flying bullets out of the White House on multiple occasions during the Bush and Obama presidencies; and its near-disastrous lack of preparation on 9/11, leaving Vice President Dick Cheney stranded outside the emergency shelter beneath the White House as a hijacked plane entered Washington airspace. (Apparently, no one had thought to give the agents in the vice-presidential detail access to the shelter.) On top of these lapses, in recent decades the agency
The Many Blunders of the Secret Service — and the Dangers They Pose to U.S. Presidents


By Chris Whipple
May 16, 2021

The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service
By Carol Leonnig

Anyone of a certain age can remember when assassination was a tragic fact of American political life. In the 1960s came the slayings of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy; in the 1970s and ’80s, the near-fatal shootings of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan. And yet, since Reagan’s close brush with a deranged gunman in 1981, no American president has been caught in the cross hairs of an assassin. One might think that this owes something to the competence and professionalism of the Secret Service, the agency we depend on to protect our leaders. Think again.

“Zero Fail,” a history of the agency by the Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, is a devastating catalog of jaw-dropping incompetence, ham-fisted mismanagement and frat-boy bacchanalia. The Secret Service’s tradition of drunken debauchery goes back to at least November 1963, in Dallas, when some agents apparently got so hammered in a gin joint just hours before the fateful motorcade that they could barely walk, much less leap to the president’s defense. …

November 22, 1963

Secret Service agents partied before the motorcade was scheduled to leave and some wound up so drunk they could barely walk, let alone react.


It sounds unbelievable - but then so does a dishonest Russian beholden slob narcissist becoming president of a supposedly educated democratic nation. But we know ‘that’ election really was stolen. Putin did himself proud. America turned out to be no better than a bunch of drunken spoiled rich frat boy, yet again.



Secret Service Questioned After ‘Astonishing Litany’ Of Screw-Ups

May 17th, 2021

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the blunders by the Secret Service as reported in the new book, “Zero Fail,” by Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, and wonders how the Biden administration can have confidence in the competence of their protection and safety.