What to do with RobertF.KennedyJR crusade against medical sanity

The insanity just seems to be getting worse and worse. It hurts seeing the desert that CFI forum has become. I wonder, where are the people? Or are we, as a society, simply in a free fall. Everyone is strapped into their own lives, hanging on for dear life, as these wild day to days race on past em. A health community, physical healthy, a people who can talk to each other, a stable government, mental health, who’s got time for all that stuff?


I keep trying to have discussions, this is a discussion forum, so people come on with big ideas for all to behold. It’s great, let’s listen to it. …

Now can we discuss it in a rational constructive manner?

Nope, lordie, lordie, engage with on point questions and alternate perspectives, and next thing (all too often) the dialogue is reduced to a gotcha game - as though they’ve never actually deeply thought about the matter they are going on about. More like showing us a post card, rather than telling us about being there, and then being able to answer questions about the place.

Then there’s that resentment toward being shown new information, or a different interpretation, and such. As though a personal affront has been committed.

Why refuse to absorb anything others are saying? It makes no sense, yet that’s what’s happening, most have walled themselves off. And once again self-fulfilling prophecies and cascading consequences are set in motion.

Life is interesting and fascinating and we only have one life to live, why not do interesting constructive things, instead a huge portion of this country seems to want nothing so much as to tear down what their parents and grandparents built. We have a good government, quality of its members are lacking. That’s something We the People should care about and care about fixing. A healthy democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry.

Instead we’ve degenerated into the fearful against a focused angry rabble. Under the banner of a society based on the notion that only their tribe deserves America - and: ‘if I can’t have her, no one can.’

The irony is that we’re also destroying our life support systems, quite literally. When we should be focusing on nurturing and slowing down the pace of destruction and and preparing for radical changes coming, we’re still dreaming of more consumption and peddle to the metal, and let’s spend countless treasure on sending a few humans to Mars. Because, well because, well shit, to would be soooo cool. What more reason do we need?

Our ability to compartmentalize and ignore is astounding and mind boggling. Now, even simple logical easily explainable medical science and practices honed by centuries of study and experience is back on trial because - because distracting the people is what it’s all about. It’s like what can ya do with a society where its citizens have become incapable of critical thinking and constructive curiosity and learning.

Excuse the free association, I’m still striving to process what we’re so blissfully doing to this Earth and ourselves.


Not to mention the level of obstinate, prideful, belligerent, willful ignorance. … Now onto the main topic.



I’m on DailyKos’s mailing list, despite unsubscribing, I don’t have the time to pay much attention to them, but once in a while something stands out and is worth sharing. I’ll follow up with a few other resources for further edification. Hope is a survival strategy in hopeless times. ?



… Kennedy “has done incredible damage to our ability to weather and emerge from this global pandemic”.

Kennedy has been a longtime anti-vaxxer, anti-masker whose lies and anti-science rhetoric has fueled the anti-vaccine movement; during a global pandemic nonetheless.

In fact, a study by The Center for Countering Digital Hate (PDF) found that just a dozen people are responsible for 65% of the COVID-19 disinformation being spread on social media platforms – Kennedy and his organization, Children’s Health Defense were listed as the second biggest offender.

They purposely targeted Black and Latinx communities that were already hard hit by the virus and they spread false statements about the effects of the vaccine on pregnant people.

Yet, Kennedy isn’t content just spreading dangerous, life-threatening misinformation and lies. He has also sued Daily Kos to unmask the identity of a community diarist for writing a story attacking him for attending an anti-mask rally in Berlin that was heavily planned, promoted, and attended by neo-Nazis.

Notably, even though the New York Times(<u>1)</u>, CBS(2) and other media outlets (PDF)(3) published similar stories, Kennedy is not suing those large news organizations because they have large legal departments to deal with petty lawsuits like this. No, Kennedy is siccing his lawyers Daily Kos, demanding personal identifying information on the user, because we are a smaller, independent news and activism hub who he thinks he can intimidate. Kennedy is trying to bully us.

… www_nytimes_com/2020/08/31/world/europe/reichstag-germany-neonazi-coronavirus.html

… https://www_cbsnews_com/news/berlin-police-break-up-anti-coronavirus-protest-after-18000-gather-with-no-masks-or-social-distancing/

… https: //iapps_courts_state.ny_us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=gAMqUJKpsgX4Hh/vz5NtkQ=

We need your help to protect our community and defend ourselves. Lawsuits like these are expensive to deal with, and nearly half of our revenue comes from thousands of grassroots supporters chipping in a few dollars at a time.

Amanda McKay, Daily Kos


In fact, a study by The Center for Countering Digital Hate (PDF) found that just a dozen people are responsible for 65% of the COVID-19 disinformation being spread on social media platforms — Kennedy and his organization, Children’s Health Defense were listed as the second biggest offender.

https: //252f2edd-1c8b-49f5-9bb2-cb57bb47e4ba.filesusr_com/ugd/f4d9b9_b7cedc0553604720b7137f8663366ee5_pdf



Introduction … 4

Executive Summary… 5

The Disinformation Dozen are responsible for up to 65% of anti-vaccine content … 6

The Disinformation Dozen account for up to 73% of Facebook’s anti-vaxx content…7

Facebook is underestimating the influence of leading anti-vaxxers … 8

Up to 17% of anti-vaccine tweets feature the Disinformation Dozen … 9

Platforms must act on the Disinformation Dozen … 10

Platforms must do more to protect users from harmful misinformation…11


Appendix: The Disinformation Dozen …12

1 Joseph Mercola…12

2 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. …14

3 Ty & Charlene Bollinger… 16

4 Sherri Tenpenny … 18

5 Rizza Islam…21

6 Rashid Buttar…24

7 Erin Elizabeth …25

8 Sayer Ji … 28

9 Kelly Brogan…31

10 Christiane Northrup …33

11 Ben Tapper…35

12 Kevin Jenkins… 38

_= .

Our post honesty age.

How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Became the Anti-vaxxer Icon of America’s Nightmares The political scion has deployed a race-baiting “documentary” and disinformation to advance bogus theories and seed anti-vaccine sentiment. BY KEZIAH WEIR, MAY 13, 2021

For those who aren’t vaccine-suspicious, Kennedy’s is the only name on the list likely to ring any bells. And it’s his name recognition that makes him particularly worrisome to groups like the Anti-Vax Watch, which has been documenting Kennedy’s violations of social media misinformation policies.

In August 2020, Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defense launched a lawsuit against Facebook for helping to “censor valid and truthful speech” and “their smear campaign against Plaintiff,” seeking damages of $5 million or more. (In April, Jed Rubenfeld, who is currently suspended from his professorship at Yale Law School after an investigation into allegations by his students of sexual harassment, which he has denied, joined CHD’s legal team in the case.)

In February, Instagram barred Kennedy “for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” according to a representative from Facebook, which owns Instagram, though his profile on that Facebook remains active, as does his Twitter account. According to a Facebook spokesperson, Facebook and Instagram remove user accounts after they perpetrate an unspecified number of repeated violations.

“That’s what makes me the angriest about these disinformation campaigns, that often they are coming from people with no scientific knowledge, no credibility,” says Jaimie Meyer, M.D., an infectious disease physician at Yale Medicine and an associate professor of medicine and public health at Yale School of Medicine. “There’s no evidence for anything.” …