What are UFOs to you?

What do UFOs mean to you?

To me UFOs seem to be artificial intelligence from another civilization which could be extinct, that’s programmed to observe and never interact.
This explains the sightings and painting in early caves 50,000 years ago up until the newly released pentagon videos.
They’re just in Observe mode.

So what do you think UFOs are? Just wondering what your thoughts here are because I’ve heard a lot of things in my life about this topic which has lead me to the above conclusion.

A nice dream, not because there are no UFOS, because i don’t believe in XT intelligence visiting us secretly for thousands of years.

Now, i would be very interested if it was the case.

It would mean a way out from earth, but it would mean a big danger. No sane minds would want Humanity to sow its foolishness in the whole galaxy.

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I have heard nothing persuasive about this in my life.
That’s why UFOs are “unidentified flying objects” to me…image

As a Star Trek fan, as well as other SciFi, such a Babylon 5, Buck Rogers, etc etc, UFOs are things of science fiction to me.

In real life, they turn out to be a weather balloon or some other object that the scientists explain.