From Australia, we just got to see the documentary on unidentified flying phenom

Just like to say hi and talk on my theories.


What does the U stand for in UFO? End of discussion.

So my theory on ufo’s. Darwins theory of evolution was almost correct. Yet back then he had no idea of the evolution of deep sea life. You see when land creatures became extinct, deep down in the oceans, life was still thriving. Which ment they evolved to become way more intelligent than any land animal. So I believe the unidentified aircraft phenomenon is from intelligent life that excist deep in our ocean’s, not from life from another planet. And they have only begun to warn us of what must be done to keep this planet safe.

wait for the change to IFO. Otherwise…

Not yet, but soon.

It’s a glitch in the simulation!!!

Of course, the real truth is that these objects are human made. They dont have anyone in them, they are all remotely controlled. They are basically giant mgnets that run off the earths magnetic poles. But for sure they military. They realised by hiding the truth was not working, so now they are revealing it, but saying they are alien? We are not that stupid.