Two unkind users

Having a moderator like you who doesn’t let people talk fluently is a shame for the value of the U.S. and CFI.

@citizenschallengev4 @lausten Enjoy discussing together.

I let you say an awful lot. Sometimes you directly insult other users. The quote here, I’m literally defending you despite your difficult choice of words


Oh please, lozenge I really thought better of you than this.

Who told you, you could not post in French?

I was pointing out most of us can’t read, or even understand, French.
I mention Québec and suddenly it’s all down hill.

Why are you so upset?

Okay, we can strike the “handwaving” - Still, what’s with the show of great agitation?

What did I say?

That’s pretty common on forums. I include myself in that group.

This is something we can all work on. You need a thick skin to be in discussion. I try to make CFI a safe place to speak your mind.

I haven’t moderated @lozenge since his very early posts. There are no pending warnings. But I do notice some gruff feedback sometimes. I’d be glad to discuss those in detail. I could be misinterpreting.

Those are good things.

Well, if you going to say that about Lausten, then I must inform you, that when two other mods quit and I was the only mod working this forum, I personally chose him myself, with the permission of the webmaster of CFI. I’ve had free range to chose the mods we have and I chose them carefully and with a lot of thought. I work fulltime, so being the only mod was not an option. So, if you are going to say such things about either of the mods, then you also need to blame me too, because I picked them (Ok the second one I ran past Lausten, but still…). I also back him on the first post he made in this thread. He does let you say an awful lot and IMHO, he’s been a good and helpful mod.

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