War Drums in the Ukraine ...

Ominous signs that Putin may be trying to get the Russian public on board with a serious escalation of war.

Russian State TV Discusses Possibility Of Nuclear War

A look at Putin’s plan for his “military action”
Now this maniac that so many Republicans have seemingly fallen in love with, is ready to destroy and be destroyed like humanity has never experienced. Oh the fingers are itching.

I think he is playing a high stakes poker game and he is bluffing.

He knows that if he uses nuclear weapons, the fallout will be on neighboring NATO countries and they will have to retaliate
Putin knows that would be the end of Russia if not all of mankind and unlike Trump, Putin is NOT stupid. Always remember he was head of Russia’s KGB.

But he is a man hurt in his pride and a misinformed autocrat. Nobody believed that he would attack Ukraine.

And he was sure that European democracies were weak and decadent, unwilling to intervene.

Right and that is where he made his mistake.

What NATO (or United Nations_) must do, is warn Putin that his first use of nuclear weapons will immediately result in the end of Russia as a civilized nation. Period!

He will lay down his hand because he doesn’t have all the Aces.

That used to be the going opinion, but recent events have sobering up that assessment quite a bit.

Putin has turned out to be a cold-blooded sociopathic lunatic.

Perhaps if the West had treated him more like a sketchy mental patient and cold blooded dictator, perhaps he could have be coddled and guided - rather that just going along with the big dick games world leaders love playing on each other - it might have worked out differently.

Of course, America electing a sociopathic wannabe totalitarian as it’s president, a baby-man who idealized Putin like a lost daddy figure, this wouldn’t have happened either. You can’t understand a creature without also understanding its environment.

At this point, I wouldn’t put anything past him, considering that he’s been reduced to a stupid vicious wounded cornered animal (if I can’t have U, no one can) and is about to loss his war of convenience and self-delusion, that’ll leave his country nearly as crippled as it will Ukraine - …

World War III has begun!

This war is military, economic, ideological and political.

Putin’s war aim was the destruction of Ukraine as an independent state.

He failed.

The United States, which wanted to give strategic priority to China, is returning to Europe.

The Europeans and Americans are arming Ukraine not only to resist, but to win. They are waging war on Russia by proxy.

For now the war is limited in its military scope.

Putin thought the West weak and irresolute, because contaminated by gender and democracy, he was wrong.

Putin wanted to contain the expansion of NATO, he achieved the opposite result.

Putin is obsessed with manhood, to the point of making the fight against homosexuality, gender and women’s rights major goals.

Some Europeans support Putin for ideological reasons, forgetting that the enemies of their enemies are not necessarily their friends.

I’m worried.

I pretty much agree with everything you wrote,

but this Nato’s Proxy War meme, is horridly hilarious hogwash. Remember it was Putin’s Russia, who fabricated a vicious war, with Scorched Earth attacks to utterly demolish Ukrainian cities and now it’s the nations who are helping Ukraine defend itself from certain total destruction, who are suddenly the bad guys waging a war against Russia.

If someone enters your home with malicious hostile intent, aren’t we allowed to blow them away? Isn’t that like a universal standard?

Was the rest of the world just supposed to stand by and let this insane dictator commence to do the unthinkable to an innocent nation that was no threat whatsoever to Russia. (Even if threatening Putin’s fragile baby ego.) And now Russia get to pay the consequences, as they themselves are getting a taste of their own poison. Karma can be an ugly thing.

Yes, good reasons to be worried, I’m a tad terrified myself. A world run by self-serving sociopathic infantile entities, who have apparently lost the ability to see beyond their own noses. The future is getting uglier all the time.

All my life I could have never imagined that simple learning would become such an enemy, and that so many people would embrace totalitarian thinking and the mental darkness it brings.

Here’s an interesting aside, down memory lane,
Manafort and doing the Ukrainian ground work for the dictator Putin’s vicious attack on a sovereign nation, that had as it’s major sin, the unfortunately geographic fate of sharing a border with the totalitarian, paranoid, aggressive Russia.

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been hit with a new civil lawsuit from the Justice Department, related to unresolved charges the DOJ says were not covered by Trump’s pardon of Manafort.

Three cheers for the Justice Department.

Well, it is Russia that started the shooting ! No one was threatening Russia.

Yes Russia began the shooting and OTAN gave weapons to Ukraine so it could resist. Now war has escalated to an upper level.

The two items are not contradictory

I agree, but the solutions are contradictory. If Ukraine refuses to defend itself against Russian aggression it ceases to exist as a country. Russia will not withdraw because Eukrane submits. It will kill the entire Eikranian government and make Ukraine part of Russia.

By International Law, Ukraine has a perfect right to defend itself and any cooperative agreement between peaceful countries allows for the assistance extended to the injured party, which is Ukraine.

These two options are mutually exclusive. There is very little difference between Hitler’s actions then and Putin’s actions today. If this turns into WWIII, it will be Putin who is to blame, NO ONE ELSE BUT PUTIN!

Putin’s actions are inexcusable by all standards of a civilized world. He is a murderous savage.

Then go after the rest of Europe one piece at a time, until stopped.

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Yes, until somebody resists and dares him to launch a nuclear strike on penalty of total destruction of Russia.
Putin is playing a relatively weak poker hand with a grand bluff. His bluff needs to be called and he will fold or his cronies will kill him. Maybe Putin wants to die, his rich cronies don’t want to die.
The Russian people don’t want to die!

I fully agree ! Except for one thing : I think that WWIII has begun and Pµtine is the only one to blame .

But i think that WWII

Then it is time to warn the world to prepare for nuclear war. Only knowledge of what may come allows for trying to avoid the danger. Secrecy will take everyone by surprise.

Russia must be TOLD that if Putin uses even a single nuclear weapon, Russia will feel the full force of NATO nuclear retaliation and the total destruction of Russia.

War is the continuation of politics by other means, we must not forget that.

Putin has a double political project, independent of the mistakes made by West.

  1. He wants to restore Russia to its lost greatness and rebuild a Russian empire.

From this point of view, his approach is similar to that of the German nationalists who, between 1919 and 1932, wanted to bring together in a single state all the German-speaking peoples.

  1. He leads a political struggle against the West which he considers weak, decadent and corrupt.

The West is seen as weak because attached to democracy.

The proof of its decadence and its corruption lies in its attachment to ideas such as those of freedom and equality, including for those whose way of defining themselves and whose sexual practices differ from the religious norm.

Along the way, he promotes an unbridled cult of virility, by staging himself, and by lowering the situation of women. Thus, it is legally permissible for a man to beat his wife in Russia, within certain limits. You can verify.

In France, some share Putin’s ideology and are ready to excuse everything from him for this reason. In 1940, some of their predecessors preferred Hitler to the Popular Front.

We must never forget history.

One thing that seems to have come to light:
If it does escalate to a bigger conflict between US and Russia, we don’t have to worry too much about Russian ground forces.

That’s the grand irony isn’t it. Turns out Putin and Russia were more bluster than substance, seems to be a given with bullies.
Now he’s leading his country into it’s self-destruction and is too stupid and self-obsessed to recognize it. Make me think of the trumpster and his sheople.

Here’s an interesting summary of the current situation.

When Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, there were concerns that Ukraine’s military would quickly be outnumbered and overwhelmed. But Ukrainian forces have mounted fierce resistance, and the war is still going on more than two months later. Michael Weiss, news director of New Lines Magazine, spoke to Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers on CBS News about what hasn’t worked for Russia and new reporting about a high-level Russian official’s visit to Ukraine.


I have a feeling that may have well happened. Plus hasn’t Biden done a wonderful job of sharing Russia’s secret with the world, forewarning Putin’s plans, isn’t that why Ukraine was somewhat forearmed?

In minute 7 he echoes a Bill Hicks joke, that we know they have weapons because we have the receipts. He’s commenting on Russian tech and how the Europe embargo will hurt them. It seems lost on him that we could have prevented this war by not being the arms dealers to the world.

Or as the 60s song went, all in all it was a very good day for the undertaker

But we’re not really democracies, we are technically representative democracies. You and I get zero opportunity to vote on anything specific, all we can do is vote for a person, like it was supporting a sports team.

This is why to all intents and purposes Republican and Democrat administrations largely follow the same pattern in international affairs, the entire US political system is eager for war.

Furthermore we despise democracy unless its electing someone we approve of, we’ve consistently interfered with democracies all over the world where there was a possibility it would not serve our interests.

That interview was from 2017 by the way, almost five years ago to the day.