War Drums in the Ukraine

And that justifies starving civilians to death? The Black Sea is international waters.
If Russia is blockading Ukraine’s ports, that is a war crime and if they sink a US ship that might just warrant a reprisal that ends this war that has killed more civilians than military…

This graph was taken from the reports provided by the Joint Coordination Center of the Black Sea Grain Deal and clearly shows that 80,34% of the grain exported from Ukrainian ports was sent to high-income and upper-middle-income countries.

Top 5 destinations were:
1- China (24,24%)
2- Spain (18,20%)
3- Türkiye (9,85%)
4- Italy (6,28%)
5- Netherlands (5,96%)

These countries concentrated nearly two thirds (64,53%) of the total exports from Ukrainian ports.

However, low income countries only got 2,50% of nearly 32,9 million metric tons!

Spain alone received more than Algeria, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Viet Nam combined.

And even Portugal alone received more than Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen combined.

So, how can someone say that the grain deal has a strong impact in the grain directed at the poorest countries?

So what you are saying is that Russia is not blockading Ukraine for fear of importing weapons of war, but blockading Ukraine exports of grain to the detriment of all those countries that did rely on Ukrainian grain. Grain is not a weapon of war unless it is used to starve civilians and that is a war crime. Russia (Putin) is committing war crimes left and right. It may be time to stop this madman and send him to Siberia, to do some hard labor.

Because if Ukrainian grain is not exported, the prices are going to explode on the international market and the poorest will be unable to buy it.

Right now, there are riots in Kenya against price of food.

According to the European Commission, Ukraine accounts for 10% of the world wheat market, 15% of the corn market, and 13% of the barley market . With more than 50% of world trade, it is also the main player on the sunflower oil market.


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Even if the grain ships to the poorest countries, black markets will no doubt spring up and the grain will make its way to the highest bidders. I can find pasta here in the U.$.A. in New Hampshire for $1 per pound, but that is now the best deal I can find. Of course that is as a consumer on the street.

This whole issue of who will starve, and the evil Russians just causes me to compare to Iraq sanctions…

“It is at this time that UNICEF conducted its child mortality survey – when uncountable lives were breaking apart. Indeed, the meticulously collected data is incapable of conveying the full plight of the Iraqi children – which ran unfathomably deeper than the additional 500,000 recorded deaths. At this point we would like to ask the authors of the BMJGH study: What number in child mortality do you think would be appropriate to justify the sanctions? 450,000? 350,000? 200,000? Even then – would these additional hundreds of thousands of child deaths attenuate the brutality of the sanctions regime? Would it not still classify as genocide?” - Razing the Truth About Sanctions Against Iraq

Not only did the U.$. starve Iraqis, and much of this was under the Clinton administration as I recall, we then, after starving them to death, invade… In Godzilla We Trust.

Do you think we don’t know that the US has done horrible things? And still is? How is picking one thing from 4 Presidents ago an argument? The idea is to know what to do now, not forget the past, learn from it.

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Better to end the war then. Russia anticipated this kind of information war against it and is sending its grain to Africa for free

Timb makes the point that the USA does not hold the moral authority over matters such as this when it starts criticing others

I wonder, how soon this war will end. I feel sorry for Ukrainian people. They didn’t deserve it.

Not only that, but these Ukranians are being treated as fodder no different than those Iraqis. In hindsight this will be known as the truth, and the question of how much time the U.$. has before this position becomes common knowledge is already running out. In other words the information war is already lost. It looks as though the physical war is lost as well. As to what the Russians want to get out of this: we should see that they can get or we should anticipate that they will try to get quite a lot. I believe that this means they will extend the war in Ukraine out to as many European election cycles as they can. the slow progress of the front line can be arguably thoroughness and humanitarian on their part. Their need for cover is nill with the exception of the dirty tricks from Godzilla. As Godzilla pees on Europe now they get drenched and stung by the salt. What harm has Russia done to Europe? It is just keeping the pee off of their slice of the bread. It’s not as if they’ve blown up a pipeline, or anything like that…
In Godzilla Wee Trust. FAFA…

[quote=“timbandtech, post:577, topic:7850”]
Not only did the U.$. starve Iraqis, and much of this was under the Clinton administration as I recall, we then, after starving them to death, invade… In Godzilla We Trust. [/quote]
What have you been smoking? After bombing Iraq into submission, it was starved so that we can invade after everybody has died? Are you insane?

The US has the largest Foreign Aid program in the world.

the U.S.

Compared to other major donor countries, the U.S. provides the most development assistance worldwide by strict dollar amount, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which tracks development aid defined as Official Development Assistance.Feb 28, 2023

But of course to you, conspiracy theorist, that is just a devious plan to addict all poor nations to US devious plan of conquering the world.
Why is it that poor people stream to the US asking for sanctuary?

(as moderator) You are threading thin ice. We give lot of freedom in posting , but we do not have a lot of patience with Trolls.
Make honest arguments instead of slinging mud, seeing what sticks.

In my opinion it is to escape the US drones and bombs and economic sanctions

May i just make a remark : People who flee tu USA come mainly from South and Central America, which are not subject to US drones and sanctions.

What is true is that they fly hunger and poverty.

The causes of theses are multiple and USA policies have been one among many.

Now, when people fly from China and Russia, may be they fly from dictatorship and social control.

Would you live in a country where you are permanently under camera watching and graded for everything you do. If your grades are too low, you are deprived of rights.

I thought that was what edward snowden warned his fellow Americans about

The Telegraph admitting the obvious

China has much more surveillance and data collection. The program Snowden worked on is bad, no question, it should be stopped. But we’re not the same as other countries.

[quote=“write4u, post:583, topic:7850”]

Somehow you’ve managed to invert what I wrote. This is fact; not fiction. Yes, I do use rhetoric, and as far as I know that is not trolling. You as a moderator may have to yield your position. To participate fully in this discussion does in fact include the possibility of falsifying the moderator. Here on this site in particular, while your position as a god is well documented, your existence is optional, as is mine.

It is well known and has been well exposed that the version of foreign aid that the U.$. offers poor countries that it likes to control is the sort of thing which, if you do not accept it and become endebted to U$, then there will be trouble. I believe it was Phil Agee who described the jackals:
Hunted by the 'Jackals' - FMR CIA Case Officer & Whistleblower, Philip Agee (1995) - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

None of this has changed. It has merely morphed, with what are called ‘cutouts’ appearing to isolate one arm of the system from another.

As I see it, based on your own feedback here, it is possible that the CFI in its attempts to achieve some form of integrity on the internet has been compromised.

Unfortunately, we’re not that different either. I would have thought the last ten years have proven how susceptible we are to the worst human nature has to offer.

Delusion reigns in this country.

We do have higher standards, unfortunately not too many worry about living up them these days.

And now we have most of the Republican Party totally mocking those USA home of the free standards along with the moral high ground we think is god-given.


Prove it!.. :thinking:

You say prove it.

Here is the red cross report on the collapse of the iraq health system due to sanctions and bombings that has led to the deaths of a generation of iraqi children

Here is madeline albright saying 500,000 iraqi children dead because of sanctions is worth it

Here is a report in response to the west attempt to rewrite history and whitewash their crimes on this through a disinformation propaganda campaign

And the cost to peoples lives study from the US war on terror is here

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