Want to open the economy? Listen to Barrack Obama


Our last great President said that it will not be feasible to relax current measures to combat the spread of coronavirus without a “robust system of testing and monitoring — something we have yet to put in place nationwide.” I think that I have said such a thing myself. I haven’t heard T rump say it, even though he is jumping out of his panties for the economy to get going.

T rump desperately needs the economy to get going again so that he will have a chance to win the November election. But barring a cure suddenly coming to his rescue, we MUST HAVE a robust Nationwide system of testing and monitoring. Considering T rump’s pitiful performance with respect to getting testing done (except for himself and those around him) he ain’t gonna cut it. Also, if he hears it is an Obama idea, T rump’s ego will not allow such a thing.

And now for a comforting picture of our last great POTUS.

This pic was taken in Dec. 2019, in the long ago days, before our great isolation.

A friend of mine said he heard of a report from the conservative American Enterprise Institute, saying essentially the same thing. I’ll be glad when, or if, we get back to the conservatives we used to deal with.

Even our DOTUS’s experts (Fauci and Birx) say similar things, and they recognize that opening the economy should be guided carefully based on the info we can get from testing. But they are a whisper in the T rump show. T rump loudly announces that he wants the economy to open WITH A BANG AND SOON.

On the needed testing, I just want to add that the quick test for antibodies must also be a part of the massive nationwide testing.

IMHO, it’s too soon to be thinking about re-opening the economy. The virus is still going hard and heavy around the U.S. IMHO, the whole nation needs stay at home orders for at least a month and stop playing around with opening it before then.

Mriana, you are right. Your opinion need not be humble.

T rump is calling for opening the economy because he is desperate for the economy to come back on line, so that he can be re-elected. His calls make it sound to his constituents like he is THE man who wants the economy to be back. The thing is, we all want that, but realizing the contagion will be renewed and spread more, if we open up, we do not talk as if we are demanding that the economy open up May 1st. Even the DOTUS won’t set May 1 as another “aspirational” date to have a “big bang” of a re-emerging economy. But he is unstable enough to try it, anyway.

If he does, without the sufficient testing having been done (AND IT WON’T BE, IF TRUMP HAS THE COM), then there will be more unnecessary deaths, and a longer road to our nation’s recovery.