Vasectomies On The Rise

Which is why your statement, “Body Sovereignty doesn’t really exist in a relationship”, doesn’t work. You can’t compare a partner suggesting dietary changes to pregnancy. The individual can always choose to do what they want, then the other can choose to stay in the relationship or not. There should be an understanding of the responsibility for pregnancy before having sex, but that can’t be guaranteed. In a good relationship, they would discuss it, but in all cases, the woman has the final say.


The fact that pregnancy is more extreme than a wife nagging the husband about selfish behavior doesn’t mean body sovereignty is real. It’s unfair but relationships are inherently unfair in some ways.

Guy, you don’t seem to realize, or care, that every woman isn’t a

Well, that is a can a worms we probably shouldn’t open!

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So, you’re answer to “I want to choose when I procreate” is the same answer a father gives his kid when one gets a bigger bowl of ice cream?

I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

Cool, Elon Musk, and Alex Jones could learn a thing from you, knowing when to shut up.


one thing leads to another.