Considering the Supreme Court in 2023 and looking forward to 2024

Year end is always a good time for reviews, and looking forward towards the next year. Which will be an especially exciting SCOTUS watching season - to see how far they will go to help their sugar daddy, or are they going to cut the loser adrift, since he’s such become dead-weight, the incoherent babbling

Here’s an interesting review:

Dec 26, 2023 - Popok @ Meides Touch
For the second time in less than 25 years, the United States Supreme Court may choose our next President, just like they picked Bush over Gore in 2000. Michael Popok of Legal AF explains how the Court’s decisions over the next 60 days as to whether Trump can have his DC indictment dismissed on immunity grounds; whether 2 of his counts for obstruction of congress on Jan6 should be dismissed, and whether states can ban Trump from the ballot, coupled with their earlier political decisions on abortion, guns, voting, etc could choose our next president.

Although this story gives a nice nice spin, and looks past the realities of Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dishonesty. Apparently hope remains.
Now we simply need an electorate that insist on representative that defend the constitution and believe in rational constructive problem solving.

Can’t get into this one, and besides I don’t trust WSJ, but so far, they have the only actual SCOTUS review of the 2023 court record that I can find.

I’m sure there’ll be more showing up in the next days and weeks.