Sharia Law has come to the US

It’s here! Sharia Law has come to the US.

This decision of the POTUS on rescinding Roe v Wade is purely based on Religious grounds, despite their protestation that abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution.
Many things are not mentioned in the Constitution, but individual rights are!

Those rights have now been taken away and a woman has now been reduced to being a broodmare for the State.

Wouldn’t that be things such as contraception and LGBTQ rights? … such as Clarence says should be revisited?

Slippery Slope indeed!

Maybe Pro-Choice’rs should storm the Court and hold the Justices hostage and demand a recount!?!!
After-all, it’s just a demonstration of free-speech, right?

The libs let the right wing take over. spilt milk now

I agree and the Repugs/Religious Reich will have even more deaths on their hands. They first take women’s rights- do not be surprised if they come for our credit cards and property too, because women aren’t to have either, because we’re to be baby factories, less we become baron with old age, shrivelling up about a raisin. Once our rights are gone, including right to vote, if not before, LGBTs are next, as well as minority rights. Clarence better be careful or he could cause his marriage to be null and void. Take away women, LGBTs, and minority rights, but gof forbid anyone take their guns. They just can’t see how many more people they are going to kill in the days, months, and years, but they really don’t care. They’ll blame the women, LGBTs, and minorities, before they are honest with themselves. I’ll find the Belladonna for anyone who wants it or tell them where to get it.

What happens is that if a fetus is a “person” and the woman has a miscarriage, it automatically becomes “involuntary manslaughter”.

The US is in the grip of insanity! George Carlin saw this farce so clearly.

Warning crude language.

Science Friday had someone on who pointed out that invitro fertilization places frequently dispose of fertilized eggs. For a variety of reasons. They are now baby killers

Because Roe v Wade has been overturned, doctors will be reluctant to IVF because they have remove some of the fertilized eggs after implantation. The process of IVF involves placing more than one fertilized egg into the uterus and then removing some afterwards. This is also considered abortion, from what I hear MO trigger law saying in reports.

The Religious Reich is nothing more than a death machine. Save the baby before birth, but after birth, you’re free to shoot them dead. Abortion illegal, but guns of all types must stay legal so everyone can be shot. Women MUST be baby machines, even if it kills them, but it better not kill the unborn baby. Gotta wait until after it’s born to kill it, because God said so. :roll_eyes:

If a Supreme Court justice acquires his seat by perjury, can he/she be impeached?

Is there such a thing as Laws of American Humanity? Americans that I know think the way Sharia Law punishes women is abhorrible. Or, are laws already on the books to prevent laws that are not accepted as American laws.

I’m sorry, but is English not your first language? I only ask this because your sentence doesn’t make any sense and at least one word is mid-17th century English. Some on the forum might see it as a misspelling or not English.

That said, what we mean by Xian Sharia Law is that it is the Religious Reich imposing these laws on women. The U.S. majority did not choose this and it was the dotard (#45) who made the court imbalanced so that religious law would happen.

Judges can be impeached, but the politics are dangerous. Democratic politicians are waiting on the votes and voters are waiting on better candidates.

In a functional democracy, Trump would not have got 3 picks, and Thomas would be out.

I apologize for my clumsiness; I wanted to know if Sharia law could be enacted if the punishment conflicted with American state or federal laws.

This is exactly what the “Establishment Clause” was supposed to prevent.

This law has been disputed since its inception.

Common Interpretation of the The Establishment Clause

Virtually all jurists agree that it would violate the Establishment Clause for the government to compel attendance or financial support of a religious institution as such, for the government to interfere with a religious organization’s selection of clergy or religious doctrine; for religious organizations or figures acting in a religious capacity to exercise governmental power; or for the government to extend benefits to some religious entities and not others without adequate secular justification. Beyond that, the meaning of the Amendment is often hotly contested, and Establishment cases in the Supreme Court often lead to 5-4 splits.

And now it has become 6-3 split.

And here it is, a law based on Unalienable Right to Life as bestowed by our Creator God.

The Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I am in basic agreement with the sentiment expressed, but I do not agree that these rights are bestowed by our Creator, God.

They are bestowed by the government and can be taken away by the government as has been demonstrated very recently.

Oh. Probably not. Flogging has been used on people in the past, has well as hanging, among other things. We do have the death penalty in the U.S., even though I wish we didn’t, because once a person is dead, there is no going back, if they are innocent or wrongly punished.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you helping me understand that.

And it is in direct conflict with the current SCOTUS holding that abortion is illegal because “life is Sacred”. Apparently fetuses have more right to life than an adult.
Some fetuses will kill the mother, but even then it will be illegal to abort.

Judge Thomas has promised even more barbaric roll backs, ecause these right are not enumerated in the Constitution, but they are in Scripture.

The sad irony is that weapons designed for war and killing people are available to 18 year olds , without any background check .

Life is sacred but here is a gun designed for killing people. Good luck!

Is this the bastion of Free World as the American ruling classes so often claim?
We have a handful of tech and finance Oligarchs along with deeply reactionary supreme Court judges deciding the fate of vast majority of people. From his part Joe Biden who desperately needs the support of his Republican colleagues at a time of war against Russia over Ukraine. In return he would give them a blind eye over domestic issues like Gun Control and abortion. The extreme unequal social conditions is pushing the American bourgeoisie and their legal system towards more authoritarian forms of rule, and this would only fuel Class struggle as we move forward.

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Exactly. That’s why I say they are pro-death.

That status was openly debated starting about 6 years ago. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the ruling class fights within itself.