USHouse Report Details (some of) Foreign Bribes towards POTUS trump admin

I remember waking up after the election of Mr. trump, it was pure horror to realize America had allowed such a man to ascend to the US Presidency. All I could think was this was going to worse than we could ever imagine. And, it has been that, with a vengeance, the damage done to American Society and future world sanity is incalculable.

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8.3 Foreign Emoluments Clause Generally

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

Today Democrat lawmakers on the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability released a damning report. It exposes but a teaser of the extend of Trump’s Grift, on America’s dime. MAGA people, he never cared about you, he just wants you to be stupid enough to become his army against the Nation and government he’s always resented and learned to hate as his greed got ever greater.

“While the figures and constitutional violations in this report are shocking,

we still don’t know the extent of the foreign payments that Donald Trump received—or even the total number of countries that paid him and his businesses while he was Presidentbecause Committee Chairman James Comer and House Republicans buried any further evidence of the Trump family’s staggering corruption**.**

Despite these efforts, today’s report makes clear that former President trump put lining his pockets with cash from foreign governments seeking policy favors over the interests of the American people.

By concealing the evidence of Trump’s grift, House Republicans shamefully condone former President Trump’s past conduct and keep the door open for future presidents to exploit higher office.” said Ranking Member Raskin.

Oversight Democrats Release Report Proving Trump Pocketed Millions From At Least 20 Foreign Governments As President

Washington, D.C. (January 4, 2024)—Today, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, released a new staff report and new documents produced by Donald Trump’s former accounting firm, Mazars USA LLC, establishing that while former President Trump was in office, he received at least $7.8 million from 20 governments, including the governments of China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Malaysia, through his businesses. This staggering figure reflects payments to just four of the more than 500 entities Trump owned while he was in office: Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York, and Trump World Tower at 845 United Nations Plaza in New York.

Immediately after taking over as Oversight Committee Chairman in January 2023, Rep. James Comer allowed former President Trump’s attorneys to speak on behalf of the Committee and bury evidence by stopping the production of additional responsive records. As a result, the $7.8 million detailed in this report, based on records for just two years of his presidency**, involving four of his more than 500 businesses**, is likely just a small fraction of the payments former President Trump received from foreign governments while in office, in violation of the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause.

“After promising ‘the greatest infomercial in political history,’ former President Donald Trump repeatedly and willfully violated the U.S. Constitution by failing to divest from his business empire and allowing his businesses to accept millions of dollars in payments from some of the most corrupt nations on earth. The limited records that the Committee obtained show that while Donald Trump was in office, he received more than $5.5 million from the Chinese government and Chinese state-owned enterprises, as well as millions more from 19 other foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia through just four of the more than 500 entities he owned.

The governments making these payments sought specific foreign policy outcomes from President Trump and his Administration. Each dollar former President Trump accepted violated the Constitution’s strict prohibition on payments from foreign governments, which the Founders enacted to prevent presidents from selling out U.S. foreign policy to foreign leaders.

The foreign payments to President Trump identified in this report are likely only a fraction of the total amount of foreign payments he received during his presidency. Chairman Comer worked in coordination with Donald Trump’s attorneys to end the court-ordered document production between Mazars and the Committee, preventing Committee Democrats from continuing to work with Mazars to conduct further searches for responsive records, including documents relating to Russia, South Korea, South Africa, and Brazil.

Additionally, key documents were apparently never provided to or retained by Mazars.

For example, records that Mazars produced to the Committee indicate that the countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Namibia, Romania, and Costa Rica also had accounts at Trump-owned properties after Donald Trump was elected President,

but Mazars did not provide any documents detailing the purposes or amounts of these countries’ expenditures.

Mazars also indicated it had no records pertaining to a $20 million loan from the South Korean company Daewoo, which former President Trump failed to report on his financial disclosures.

Mazars was also unable to provide ledgers for properties that reportedly received many foreign government visitors, including Trump Turnberry Hotel and Resort in Scotland; Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, Illinois; and Trump International Hotel in New York, New York. (January 4, 2024)

118th Congress_this belongs in the public record.

Click here to read the report.

Click here to read the underlying documents.


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Here are some details, the “legacy” and right wing media simply isn’t covering, so guess we need to listen to some liberal leaning, Democracy loving lawyers for the rest of the story ( :cowboy_hat_face:):

Jan 4, 2024 =- MeidasTouch
MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on a new bombshell report by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee detailing how Donald Trump made millions directly from foreign governments and adversaries while he was in office. (yeah, their commercials are usually over the top, but bills must be paid, but those commercials are also easy enough to slide right past. Also, okay, it’s true Ben could usually say twice as much if he used half the words, but hey we gotta do the best with what we got.)

But wait, there’s more . . .

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman suggested Wednesday that the $2 billion investment the Saudi government made in Jared Kushner’s private equity fund would not be affected by a theoretical second term for former President Trump.

In a rare interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, the crown prince defended the government-controlled Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) investment in the firm Kushner — Trump’s son-in-law — started after leaving his post as a White House adviser. …

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I suggest that the old adage, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” would apply well here. This type of MSM saturation would seem to provide yet another perfect example of defensive projection with regards to politics. Without getting specific about the number of purported culprits, those of us who have been paying a somewhat unbiased attention know full well that every one of our viable U.S.A. mainstream political figures have been repeatedly either reported or alternatively sheltered from being reported as fully corrupt with regards to these matters of “foreign exchange”.

This kind of propaganda, even when totally fabricated, has proven to be a very effective method of solidifying and/or steering public perceptions of distrust towards or away from any and all of our political leaders and wannabes thereto. Much of the electorate nevertheless holds solidly entrenched biases and will simply rationalize that their guys might well be crooks, but “at least they’re our crooks” and besides, those “other guys” are all definitely liars, crooks and fascists as well as truly evil baby killing pedophiles.

The truth, IMHO, is that any comparison of the candidates having been generated and approved by the major political parties is moot. The U.S.A. as a republic has long been dead, most notably since it was ruled by SCOTUS that somehow “corporations are people too” which opened the floodgates of cash used to control public perceptions. This kind of ongoing mainstream media manipulations of the electorate are designed to keep “The People” who are supposedly ruling this country divided (relatively evenly!) by manipulating as necessary those group identities which seemingly support even political single issues into which they seem totally invested, regardless of the country otherwise going to hell.

Thus, we have instituted our current rule by overlords (dare I say, multi-generational billionaire globalist overlords?) who actually own and control everything, particularly MSM. Apparently for some reason, these overlords still find it amusing to perpetuate the increasingly transparent illusion that some actual democracy, as in a democratic republic, a rule of the people, by the people actually exists as opposed to it being the plutocracy into which we have evolved. Amusing, yes… that’s the word.

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I agree.
Moreover, SCOTUS ruling that “money” is “free speech” instead of "quid pro quo"and creating a debt to be satisfied and debtor who profits from the exchange.

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Yet biden crashes in approval ratings

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Yeah, there is that.

Damaged but not quite dead. Trump would still be president were that true. I mean we still have the framework of a democracy, why not exercise to the full extent possible, things could be way worse, why not fight to hang on to what we have left?

Remember the old saying: Democracy Use It, Or Lose It.

Full on cynicism serves the masters of the universe more than anything else.

Furthermore, if that were really true, then why is the best GOP can do is dog Hunter Biden, and his pathetic story.

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Because the propaganda is working. Approval ratings ain’t what they used to be. Trump averaged 41.1%.

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That’s the problem. People believe anything they are told, even if it’s not true. Biden has helped picked up the U.S. from the damage the dotard did, but for some reason, people can’t see it. Employers are hiring and the economy has improved. The vaccine got out to people, but they believed BS about it, so they didn’t take it like they should have. There’s more I’m sure, but that’s just for starters that people believe the propaganda, instead of reality.

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Liberals always choose simplicity over complexity in political discourse. Can never be about life as we see it with people feeling the economic pain and sick of seeing billions of their tax dollars going to overseas vassals instead .

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Starting like that makes it hard to have conversation. Everyone can see pain. Was it liberals that stopped supporting the Shah of Iran? Did liberals get rich off contracts with Iraq? Do these facts inform us how to vote this year?

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Saying its just down to propaganda really informs us how to vote . Great stuff

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Yeah, yeah, and there’s absolutely no different between the Democrats and the MAGA mentality that believes White Christian Supremacy is where it’s at, and to heck with the rest of Americans, let them all go back to where they came back from.

I know American Indians who believe all member of the self-serving white master race, destroyers of worlds, outta all go back to where we came from.

You say nothing zedenko77, but have at with your pathetic shadow boxing.

Oh and yeah, I do agree We The People are in really really hot water, on all sorts of fronts, but like frogs, too many are absolutely incapable to recognizing the temperature change. So sad, tragic really.

All seem to you have to offered is cat calls.

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Is this the bar for the quality of discourse on CFI forums?

Why do you think bidens approval numbers are at all all time low?

“I mean we still have the framework of a democracy”

Democracy is allowed when it suits the powerful but is bypassed or suspended when it does not. Have a look at bidens recent arms package to israel that bypassed congress for approval. Yet he cant do the same when it comes to stuff like health care

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Right so let’s all roll over.

Besides we’re way past that, like you say.

Perhaps you’d do better to spend more time on getting right with yourself and enjoying what time you have left, the grim reaper routine is a bore, we all know it sucks out there.

Oh and if you want to up the quality of the dialogue, why don’t you give it a try upping the quality of yours. You could be surprised.

So far I’ve only seen the chip on your shoulder, and there’s nothing I can do with that.


That’s not what I said

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You kinda set that bar, didn’t you?

How could he deliver a package of health care?

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??? What was said that’s pathetic ??



That’s not what I said

Then someone else must have written post 6 John.

Your approach.
Your holier than thou attitude.

And that you seem all about semantical joisting.

I’m more into substance, than facade, and you my pal simply come across, to me, as too much facade and too little good faith & substance. Yeah, that’s it, you don’t convey any good-faith, all I get from your posts is facade, a put on by a cocky cynic. Yippy.

My words are not pathetic. Thank you

So man of substance, what’s your assessment on why biden’s approval ratings are at an all time low??

Here’s what I said. Nothing about how to vote.

So, what you said…