USHouse Report Details (some of) Foreign Bribes towards POTUS trump admin

If you said more substance, you might get better answers. Your questions are more like challenges, throwing down a gauntlet. Weve seen the pattern that you respond with taunting, sarcasm, and scoffing. Don’t expect much engagement with posts like that

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Thank you Lausten that spells it out pretty good.

Let’s see how his comprehension is.

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More substance than your propaganda line John. Think about that

Man of substance unwilling to engage on the approval ratings data

Yes I am. What you think I’m a pollster with some sort of insights into people’s thinking?
I’m not. Besides, We The People confuses and disappoints the heck out of me.

I hate politics as football game anyways!!!

Here again I’d rather discuss the substance of issues, and not opinions.

The only poll that matters is the one that happens on Election Day.

The substance of issues in that how can bidens approval rating be so so low when he and the liberal media say the economy is good and people are doing well ??

Okay. The White Christian supremacist thinking. Faith driven bias fueled by a massive and well researched disinformation, heck brainwashing campaigns.

Why? Perhaps because Americans no longer seem interested in learning and exercising critical thinking skills; history has become a bore; social media and spoon fed information filters and hearing what one wants to hear is pretty ugly and counter-productive; and lets not overlook the general disconnect from living life on this Earth, instead embracing the dreams of striking it rich via lotto jack pots, or back-stabbing business deals, and so on.

I’ve never been a Biden fan. But when I’m faced with the choice of a flawed American political
or the UGLIEST imaginable Ugly American, a self-serving life time long crook and contemptuous slim ball like the Criminal Defendant Donald trump.

It’s a no brainer. Striving to do the best with what we have.

Trump’s disinformation ‘magaphone’ Consequences, first lessons and outlook

SUMMARY - EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service

The deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021 was a significant cautionary example of the offline effects of online disinformation and conspiracy theories. The historic democratic crisis this has sparked − adding to a number of other historic crises the US is currently battling − provides valuable lessons not only for the United States, but also for Europe and the democratic world. …


The shocking events of Jan. 6, 2021, signaled a major break from the nonviolent rallies that categorized most major protests over the past few decades.

What set Jan. 6 apart was the president of the United States using his cellphone to direct an attack on the Capitol, and those who stormed the Capitol being wired and ready for insurrection.

My co-authors and I, a media and disinformation scholar, call this networked incitement: influential figures inciting large-scale political violence via social media. Networked incitement involves insurgents communicating across multiple platforms to command and coordinate mobilized social movements in the moment of action.

The reason there was not more bloodshed on Jan. 6 emerged through investigation into the Oath Keepers, a vigilante organization composed mostly of former military and police. During their trials for seditious conspiracy, members of the Oath Keepers testified about weapons caches in hotels and vans, stashed near Washington, D.C. As one member described it, “I had not seen that many weapons in one location since I was in the military.”

The Oath Keepers were following Washington law by not carrying the weapons in the district, while waiting for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, which gives the president the authority to deploy the military domestically for law enforcement.

The militia was waiting for orders from Trump. That was all that kept U.S. democracy safe from armed warfare that day. …

Researchers say the online feedback loop between Trump, high-profile influencers and rank-and-file followers is more dangerous than Russian disinformation.

By Elizabeth Dwoskin and Craig Timberg - October 30, 2020

… But those tweets spread in an odd pattern: More than half the 3,000 accounts retweeting Trump did so in near-perfect synchronicity, so that the 945th tweet was the same number of seconds apart as the 946th, University of Colorado information science professor Leysia Palen found.

The unusual finding underscores some of the little-known ways in which Trump’s social media army — composed of devoted followers and likely assistance from software that artificially boosts his content — has helped him develop one of the world’s most powerful political megaphones, unlike any other in the English-speaking world. …

Trump’s feedback loop, according to several new and forthcoming studies, has become a leading threat to the integrity of political debate in the United States, with an impact that to date appears far more damaging than the efforts of Russian operatives or other foreign adversaries. …

Campaign of Fear - Reuters

The Trump world’s assault on U.S. election workers

The people who administer U.S. elections – from poll workers and ballot counters to county clerks and secretaries of state – have endured a year of terroristic threats from supporters of former President Donald Trump, inspired by his false assertions of widespread fraud in the 2020 vote. The result, as Reuters chronicled in this agenda-setting series of reports, has been a campaign of intimidation that is stressing the foundation of American democracy. …


U.S. lawmakers seek to protect election workers after Reuters investigation

September 10, 2021

New U.S. legislation seeks to expand protections for election workers

October 4, 2021

U.S. senators urge funds to help election workers amid ‘unacceptable’ threats

November 22, 2021

DirecTV loss could cripple rightwing One America News

January 15, 2022

U.S. charges Texas man for threatening Georgia election officials

January 21, 2022

Pro-Trump death threats prompt bills in 3 states to protect election workers

January 24, 2022

Nevada man charged with threatening state election worker

January 28, 2022

Colorado bill would criminalize threats against election officials

February 8, 2022

Oregon, California seek to protect election workers from threats

February 18, 2022

All you have done is provide links for reasons why biden approval rating to be far better than trumps. But its not. Even with the democrats most do not want him again. Why you think this is the case?

Oh stop with the stupid repetitive challenges, when your question has been answered.
The public is being played like a fiddle and way too many are too apathetic to care.

If you gave a dang, you’d spend a little time reading that, because it does answer your question. Or are you of the MAGA persuasion?

No answers ?? Clip here breaking down corporate medias spin on the economy with data such as rise in homeless and the number of people living from pay check to pay check factored in. Cheers

Approval ratings are well off the OP. It’s a completely different topic.

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On the contrary, it has plenty to do with the elections.

That’s like your opinion man

And thats yours ! Yay!

And here’s a clip about what’s happening today, and why every vote is important. After all, Election Day is the only time politicians really care about your (our) opinion, so make it count.

Remember, apathy, cynical resignation (rolling over) and abstinence from voting IS A YES VOTE in favor of our corporate overlords.

Notice the criminal defendant trump flipping off most of Americans, he’s only concerned with his ruthless 20-30%.

Jan 10, 2024
Trump will give FULL PARDONS to all convicted Jan 6th Insurrectionists including Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, creating his own paramilitary shock troops of criminals beholden to him on DAY 1 if he is re-elected. Michael Popok of Legal AF analyzes how Trump could use this self created militia to cling to power even beyond a second term.

If you have a problem with anything Popok says, please do make a note of the time signature and let’s discuss it. This is more important that rehashing a history that none of us are happy with.

Before attacking American government, why not give a few thoughts to our society and where that has gone, since the dawn of the Hollywood era and more recently the seismic shift with computer addition and our vainglorious personal failures in putting getting more stuff above civic cohesion and rationally dealing with existential problems.

I’ve given some equal time balance, the godly side of trump, courtesy of the Christian Broadcasting Network - Wikipedia

This is 2024, can we please finally recognize our gods come from with us, they are real as hell on earth, but still they come from within ourselves.

God has nothing to do with the physical reality we depend on day by day. It’s so simple. When will we all get that message. What’s possible with out that?

But, that’s what the coming great reduction will sort out. It didn’t need to be this way, but here we are. Our great Malthusian Experiment will reach its conclusion. You can bet the survivors will have a different set of priorities.

I don’t think Zedenko understands how news works. Yes, we know, it’s corporate. Those mergers happened decades ago. We know who owns them. We know congress and bureaucracies are full of millionaires. This is not news. The guy telling you that CNN is gaslighting you, is gaslighting you. He’s telling you that nobody is talking about these issues, but I’ve known for decades, how did that happen? Oddly enough, I watched the news. For one, I seek out alternative sources because I know CNN is not that.

Jordan (the guy in the anti CNN video) is telling you CNN is just making money off you, but isn’t that what Jordan is doing? making money. He starts off saying it’s his “humble responsibility”. Who knows, maybe Jordan believes himself. It doesn’t matter. He’s watching the news, getting mad because someone said he should be, now he’s trying to make you mad.

It’s not news that the primaries are a joke, and Trump/Biden in November is a foregone conclusion. It’s not CNN’s job to fix that, or promote candidates at 1% in the polls. I don’t like this situation, I would like us to change to a parliamentary system, but I don’t expect CNN to be onboard with me. If that’s the change I want to make, I’m not going to write to them. I also don’t like homelessness. I have friends who are homeless, I’ve had them stay here. But news is when the numbers change dramatically. There are organizations who fight homelessness every day, that’s what you should be doing if you care about that, not getting mad at CNN because you watched a YouTube that is designed to make you mad.

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A full stop after think would be appropriate here. Cant discuss the issue at hand regarding corporate media disinformation so he has to resort to attacking the presenter and question his intentions.

John Dub the true blue liberal at your service

What issue?

You simply deliver one liners.

You can’t even explain yourself.

Lausten was simply pointing, we know the system is screwed up. What’s your point to roll over and give up?

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I completely agreed that there is corporate media disinformation. Is that clear? On that point, Jordan and I are 100% on the same page. K?