US threw away a robust system

This New Statesman article is depressing and reveals the dire threat that Trump is to the US.



On 8 May 2018, Donald Trump signed Rescission Proposal R18-1, asking the US government to take back $15bn in spending. At the time, coverage of these cuts focussed on the $7bn that would be taken from the Children’s Health Insurance Program. But the 38-page proposal details a swathe of other cuts. Among these was the removal of the remaining $252m budget for International Disaster Assistance that had been committed in 2015 as part of the Ebola response, and the State Department’s $30m Complex Crises Fund. The CDC, in response to previous funding cuts, had already reduced its pandemic preparedness activity in 39 countries. On the day R18-1 was signed, the WHO announced a new outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two days later the newly appointed National Security Advisor, John Bolton, dissolved the Global Health Security team within the NSC. Timothy Ziemer, the most senior White House official in charge of responses to pandemics or bioterrorism, left that day and was not replaced."


“Whether this is based on a real personal animosity, or the knowledge that it appeals to his base, the removal of America’s ability to protect itself and the wider world from pandemics of infectious disease appears to have been driven by this impulse. “It was really,” says Garrett, “just about getting rid of things that had Obama’s name on them.””


T rump’s narcissistic disorder cannot abide anything Obama. He has systematically, obsessively, and persistently been doing away with anything Obama did.

At the same time, he LIES and his constituents and others believe his LIES about his own mishandling of the Pandemic crisis. He LIES to pronounce that his interventions have been perfect. He LIES to say that he has no responsibility at all in the failures of out national reaction to the emerging pandemic. He LIES to say that Obama and previous Presidents are to blame for his (T rump’s) poor performance.

And his LIES work. He recently had a 60% approval rating for his handling of the pandemic crisis.

But now, we are nationally and collectively paying the toll for accepting this LIAR as our country’s leader.