Unaware of receipt of 400,000,000 dollars ?

When a country (or individual) is promised 400,000,000 dollars on a date certain and that money is not delivered on that date certain, is it possible that the party expecting the receipt of that money remains “unaware” when that money is not received on that date certain?


Just one lie among many by the obsequious submissive enablers of Donald John T rump (Trumpublicans in Congress and in the White House admin). They have given up their integrity and dignity and loyalty to the Constitution, in favor of constantly hammering away with lies to the public for the sake of their dear leader. Perhaps it will work out for them when they and T rump cheat at and “win” the next election, and T rump then can have all he needs to be Dictator. Steve Bannon predicted that if T rump wins the 2020 election, he will then exert vengeance on those he imagines have persecuted him throughout his 1st term.

(Actually, he already has what he needs to be Dictator, if he is willing to continue cheating and to do so blatantly enough to be successful in undermining the coming election for his own benefit. We already know that the Senate will not remove him from office, by the Impeachment process. This will show that he damn sure IS above the law. So he can break laws and suffer no consequence. He has shown that he will continue to break laws, that he gets away with breaking. He can thus break whatever laws he needs to, in order to win the 2020 election. Then 4 more years will just solidify his coming status as DOTUS - Dictator of the United States. )