UFOs - An Alternative View

UFOs - An Alternative View 17 May 2021

By J. Dee German - Retired Scientist, Engineer, Inventor, and Science Writer.

The U. S. Intelligence Agencies are scheduled to release a report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (the new designation for UFOs) at the end of this month. As a scientist with a lifelong interest in UFOs I have a theory about their origin that I want to make public before the report comes out.

I believe that UFO/UAPs may be from earth’s future; scientists and historians who have traveled back in time to watch our era unfold as it happens. I believe this explanation is at least as credible as visitors (aliens) for elsewhere in the universe. The only assumption necessary is that, at some point in the future, time travel will become a reality.

Once that happens it makes complete sense that humans from the future will have great interest in the past history of events that shaped the future - the time they live in - and will want to go back to observe it first hand. But there is a caveat. Like the familiar grandfather paradox in which a time traveler goes back to an earlier period and tries to kill his grandfather (thus preventing his own birth), the past cannot be changed. So these future investigators have to be content with observing the past from a pod of some sort - what we call UAPs or UFOs.

To avoid this paradox these pods must have been observed in the past, at the time they came back to observe. So the UFO/UAP aircraft humans have been sighting for an indeterminate period are observation platforms from the future. This concept doesn’t require that the pods contain humans. They could be easily be automated or remotely controlled and outfitted with sensors - TV cameras, audio equipment, and many more that haven’t been invented yet. That would allow the near-instantaneous acceleration observed on radar, which would be fatal to humans.

Of course there are few facts to support this hypothesis, but among them are the observation that sightings of UFOs have peaked at important times in history. During the second world war, for example, several pilots engaged in arial combat reported seeing unusual flying objects they called “foo fighters” suspended off to the side watching the air battle. Following the war UFO sightings increased in the U.S. and elsewhere. What was happening then that would interest future historians? The start of the nuclear age, followed shortly by the dawn of the space age. These are both historically important events in human history.

There is one bright ray of hope in this conjecture. Because of the grandfather paradox they can’t wipe out the human race or they themselves would cease to exist.

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