Trumpets and Bowls

I intend to make a case that the “Trumpets” and “Bowls” are real historical or future events which are described in apocalyptic language. Could you tell me how reasonable it could be? Thanks!

1st Trumpet- Burning of Jerusalem by Romans (fire)

2nd Trumpet- Depopulation of Judea & Israel after final Jewish-Roman war (mountain all ablaze thrown into the sea)

3rd Trumpet (rivers and springs of water turn to blood)- Anarchy and Civil Wars (Crisis of 3rd Century)

4th Trumpet (no light)- Bibles burnt and Christianity persecuted under Diocletian - Diocletian persecution(Jesus- ''I am the light of the world.")

5th Trumpet- Rise of Muslims (Isaac Newton said this)

6th Trumpet- Crusades caused by 4 crusading states (4 angels)

The 2 witnesses- The two churches caused by The Great Schism (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodoxy)

1st Bowl- Black death

2nd Bowl- World wars

-now future-

3rd Bowl- Anarchy & civil wars (Robert D. Kaplan ‘‘The Coming Anarchy’’)

4th Bowl- Hyper global solar eruption

5th Bowl- Banning of Bibles by the beast state (‘‘plunged into darkness’’)

6th Bowl- Nuclear treaty repealed and preparation for Nuclear war (‘‘they gathered the kings for Armageddon’’)

7th Bowl- ‘Greatest earthquake’ Nuclear war and ‘huge hailstones on people’ ('cities of the nations collapsed- no earthquake like this ever in history)

Babylon- Papacy & Catholic church & the Vatican (the Great Pharisees) (the Pharisaical Babylon was used to punish all the nations around Israel including Israel by God and then in the end it got punished- likewise with Papacy to convert everyone in the world)

1st Woe- Muslims (Isaac Newton’s analysis of the darkening of the ‘light’ by smoke from the Abyss- meaning coming out of a false religion)

2nd Woe- Bombs (there was an earthquake)

3rd Woe- Silence from Heaven

1000 years- Christianity spread worldwide and Christ’s rule for a long time

70th week of Daniel- Israel’s rejection of the Talmud and continuation of being the people of God (as a continuation after the 69th week after their rejection of the Messiah and cessation in being the people of God.) We won’t know when it happens, but it will be exactly 7 luni-solar (360 days) years later that Christ returns.

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The Book of Revelation in the Bible. Everything fits, especially the greatest earthquake part. It most certainly describes the Nuclear apocalypse, which happens after ‘all the kings of the earth are gathered for battle in Armageddon’.

And who is going to win?

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(Jesus Christ is.)

What is the point of this battle? God created the world and all these kings to fight, why? Why not create a peaceful world and never need the battle?

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That is not a logical continuation from our discussion. Is it truthful, what I am saying? christianity.stackexchange closed my topic as being opinionated. Only the atheists here helped me…

Well, to say Jesus won any battle is incorrect. After all he was crucified and died on the cross. That is not winning. And as far as a resurrection, that seems scientifically impossible.
However, one can imagine that after a long time of theistic civilizations struggling for dominance, Christianity might triumph as a benign way of life. It is what Christ advocated.
I say this from an atheist perspective and with certain reservations.

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When did atheists here help you?

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At least you did not close the topic, unlike christianity.stackexchange
I feel like the greatest earthquake and hailstones right after the ‘kings gathered’ for battle makes perfect sense and fits everything…
and the coming upheavel is worldwide anarchy as described in ‘the coming anarchy’ by kaplan…so we have two ends of the puzzle which the trumpets and bowls write of…
it all just makes good sense to me

Not yet. We have rules for behavior, not logic. Stack exchange attempts to reach a consensus on questions that can be debated. We freely exchange ideas. I agree with them though, your statements are opinion.

That’s fine, but it’s not evidence. People have looked into these things and said they don’t make sense. They don’t make sense to me. Is that the end of the conversation?

It makes sense to me. If you want to close the topic go ahead, like those fools at reasonable faith.
(You are just posh people whiling away your time in debates to make you feel good.)

The matter is that sort of writings can be interpreted in many ways to make them coincide with some beliefs.

And the interpretation can be changed as time passes to make it fit with the direst possible predictions.

I did not knew the book of revelation. It seems to me that you forget the seven seals.

[What are the seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls in the Book of Revelation? |]

That the last trumpet follows ‘the gathering of kings in Armageddon’ and that it is such a great earthquake that the cities of the nations collapse, AS well as the fact that ‘huge hailstones’ fall on people. (And the bowl is poured into the AIR).
It cannot just be a coincidence now.
Too much probable.
Especially that the next thing to follow now is: The Coming Anarchy, by Robert D. Kaplan
I first calculated that seas turn to blood is world wars and rivers and springs of water turn to blood is civil wars. And then I read The Coming Anarchy.
It’s too similar to facts.
And yes, global anarchy is coming next.

And, there it is.

I very carefully and specifically stated that you could say whatever you want, except what is stated in the rules. Read them, FAQ in the upper right menu.

There is nothing in there that says you can’t believe the Bible. It’s all about how you inteteract. i.e. no name calling, basic kindergarten stuff.

The matter is that you choose some events and neglected others.

A man announcing apocalypse 300 years ago would have selected other facts to demonstrate that it is coming.

[List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events - Wikipedia]

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

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