Terrorism in the bible

There are quite a few prescriptions for terrorism in the Bible.

I usually don’t pay these kind of sites much mind, but this one is comprehensive and I like the comparisons. It can shut conversation down by putting the Christian on the defensive, but if handled right, can open a conversation about just how did Christians deal with their violent past. Christians have the advantage because the original Christians did deal with the violent Jewish past (and Jews did too, no question). That only lasted 2 centuries though and Christians came back with a vengeance. But that history is not taught much and besides, now we have Protestants who can distance themselves from that Catholic violence. Again, bad history education leaves out Calvin having people burned at the stake and Luther’s anti-semitism.
Anyway, what is missed is the discussion of how all of us got out of those darker ages. It was with religious freedom, investments in science, rational thought, rules of order, pluralistic governments and democracy. The devil is in the details, but it’s not complicated.