Trump on NPR for 9 minutes and 21 seconds

In case you missed it, Trump accepted a long-standing invitation from Steve Innskeep. In a taped interview, Trump ranted about the rigged election, repeated the same lies he has repeated all along. Steve had many quotes from Republicans, and of course facts. Trump tried say rhetorically, “do you think Biden really got 80 million votes”, to which Steve gave my favorite line, " If you’ll forgive me, maybe because the election was about you."

They planned on 15 minutes, but Trump hung up on him

I can’t stand hearing his voice or I’d listened to it, but that sounds like it was a very good line. The creature is insanely demented.

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The transcript has all of the interview. The audio includes some explaining by Steve, but doesn’t have the full interview.

Thanks. Reading what he said is easier than hearing his voice.

That was actually a very irritating interview, why not run a real time* fact check banner across the screen that dispute trumps lies as he spouts them, rather than solemnly listening to the sociopath’s garbage and then following with, yeah buts.
[lordies knows what he’s going to spew out, get f’n prepared and pull that rug out from under him]

The media still plays by the GOP script even as they try to confront it. This entire Trumpster garbage is like the AGW denial campaign, with the labels simply being changed to a different cause. While the audience blissfully follows the piper.

have you ever asked someone who disagrees with you about that? I have. They say that my fact check website can be countered by some other fact check website, and the truth still won’t be known. Scott Adams (as in Dilbert) asked, a long time ago, on his discussion forum, “what are facts?” The answers were hilarious, if not incredibly sad. He followed up with, “take any of these comments, and then add, ‘and then they voted’”. And, that’s exactly what happened in 2016, they, the ones who have no skills in determining what’s true, voted.

Journalism has to ride that fine line, of letting people talk, or they won’t get any interviews. Innskeep interrupted Trump quite a bit in this interview, but Trump is very skilled at ‘whataboutism’. Have you noticed that the big names never go on the far left shows? They are full of facts and in-depth reporting, and the propagandists know to stay away from them.

Who gives a …, get the info and links out there - immediately.
I watch the climate science public opinion and education totally get lost to industry interests.
Because no one gave a damned about hitting every utterance of scientific misrepresentation and fraud, with a counter explanation - not more fact. A story and song emotional stuff that opens eyes to the reality of this physical planet we depend rather this endless idiotic bickering Abraham set in motion.

The information is out there. You know what “fact checking” means, what I said is, a lot of people don’t. Even people who I agree with, who come to the right conclusions, but they do it based on trust, or just from having hung around the right people, but if asked, they couldn’t explain AGW or what a GMO is.

I put up something with Hitchens a while back, where he cited some philosophy on free speech, developed a few hundred years ago, that if there is just one voice that disagrees with all the evidence, we should amplify that voice. If we don’t, we risk suppressing actual evidence. If we allow something to become “common knowledge”, for it to be “beyond question”, then we risk closing future minds.

You can’t teach people to think for themselves if every news outlet, every new scientific paper, says the same thing. That we don’t do that is precisely the argument against something like anti-vaxxers. A young person, who was raised to believe vaccines are poison can go to school, get into epidemiology, test their hypothesis, try to challenge whatever they want. We have to let them try, then when they fail, we know our understanding is still correct.

Well that goes a long way at explaining why we are on this self-destructive streak.

Obviously we disagree.

Hall of Shame

When it comes to Serious Constructive Debates - that is, dialogues that respect the confines of truth and honestly representing others and the evidence - these showmen are nowhere to be found.

I’m talking about intellectual cowards such as Anthony Watts; Dr. Dick Lindzen; Dr. Roy Spencer; Pascal Bruckner; “LordChristopher Monckton; Stephen McIntyre; Jim Steeleand his Landscapes and Cycles fraud; Heartland’s JamesTaylor; Marc Morano; Dan Pangburn; Martin Hertzberg; David Rose; Cornwall Alliance’s Beisner; Nasif Nahle; PeteRidley; John O’Sullivan; Piers Corbyn; Willie Soon; H. Sterling Burnett; Howard Hayden; 1000frolly ( Dr. Robert Ian Holmes ) ; Poptech; Scottish Sceptic; Judith Curry; Donna Laframboise; Henrik Svensmark; Dave(NC20) Burton; Investors Business Daily; Mike Hulme.

Not sure we disagree.

I wouldn’t give the people in that list a platform. But if someone is running for President, whattaya gonna do?

Confront them every time they utter demonstrable lies.

Kavanaugh’s nomination, and an old post ( October 5, 2018) I wrote, (which could really use some reworking, but it is what it is,) comes to mind, since perhaps it’ll help clarify what I’m trying to say.

… I’m trying to discuss the need for more direction citizen dialogue, engagement, motivation, networking - you know a healthy Democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry and all that.

Please, I was asking about the fact and not poking at you.

Consider what we have witnessed in America this past week. You know the Kavanaugh hearing and the voter opinion polls that look like they’ve gone though a wild 15/20 point swing. Republicans have suddenly been justified and energized and Democratic momentum seems to have evaporated. What happened? How can that be understood, what does that portent for the coming election?

Then my point:
Kavanaugh was a very passionate partisan, even belligerent and threatening. A man who felt free dropping conspiracy theories without offering a shred of evidence, in order to distract from the actual issue at hand.

Kavanaugh delivered an emotionalized, personalized, angry, even threatening diatribe. He showed himself to be the great white American male playing the victim card like a consummate performer. He used anger and indignation to evade all questions and America ate it up because of, … Why?

Did it matter that we were discussing a life time appointment on the Supreme Court. Temperament, partisanship and lying - seems to me no matter where anyone is on the political spectrum, his behavior would have seemed abhorrent.

What happened to America’s dedication to a pluralistic society? What about ‘fair play’? Why aren’t we confronting players with such questions?

Instead of talking past each other why not a little confrontation?

Why didn’t some of the Democratic Senators ask Kavanaugh to reread his Clinton sentence and then to explain it. Why not ask him about his self awareness? Why not ask about the importance of impartiality? Then ask him about his partisanship and that outpouring of pure hatred towards elected representatives of over half the nation. Then ask him to explain how could he be an impartial justice of the land.

Nope instead, a lot of talking past each other, with anger and fear winning again.

I wish that would have been done starting in the early days of Trump’s campaign. There has been a definite shift, that became sharper during the 2020 election. I now frequently here quotes from people who believe the election was rigged, immediately followed by the reporter saying that’s a lie.

I took today off because of the snow storm, so I will have 4 days off to read the transcript (3 days are my regular days).

And Trump can be stopped from being reelected in two years how?

This is the first time in a while that there isn’t a presumptive candidate. I like the Democrat’s bench, but when the incumbent isn’t strong, that looks weak for the party. Republicans though, haven’t had something new in a while. Just hoping Trump’s message of fear doesn’t play as well this time

Legal entanglement, criminal convictions, people getting tired of his attitude, democrats learning how to reinvigorate their disaffected grassroots, him having a meltdown on stage and blowing up his brain, but then a piece of leather is pretty tough, so guess that’s a long shot.

But, there is the law . . .

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes compares the indictment of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and the evidence of corruption surrounding Donald Trump.

No chance. Even if convicted of eating live babies, on film and he admits it. Voter suppression in marginal states will do it on top of Biden’s perceived mediocrity.

And fear of taxation wins.

Well we agree on that.
It was enough to totally ignore Earth Sciences and being aware of how we humans and our exploding populations are damaging our own future.
Thus we wind up with a lot of 69s frustrated and hopeless and brimming with rage.

The grand question is, should we still care, or just toss in the towel?

{Unless we are changing minds we are losing}
(No pollyanna there, just a straightforward fact.)

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I keep wondering why no one was able to explain that taxes is part of living in a society and expecting all the perks, infrastructures and services. It’s as simple as being honorable, in that one pays their bills and carries their own share of the load, unlike deadbeats like the trumpkin and the rest.

Spending time in this lap of middle class American suburbia living and seeing the luxuriant wastage, the frivolousness, the utter disinterest in everything that doesn’t concern consumerism or professional sports or Hollywood dreaming and bling, is rather disheartening. It’s not bad people, these are good caring individuals, but it’s like their horizons are so god-danged limited and their curiosity got snuffed out long ago.

It’s rather disheartening - and I’m constantly reminding myself of the best piece of Mental Health advice I ever received: What will you be present to?

Which is easy, it’s the two little ones, especially while I can still connect and be a positive influence. The rest needs to go into its compartments and wait for my quietest moments.

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