The man who expects us to make him King of the US

… is running into some road blocks. Gosh bless America.

Gotta be impressed and bewildered, and appalled in the end.
The unmanaged gall is absolutely astounding.
Listen in:

Dec 7, 2023 - MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on what went down during oral argument before the Colorado Supreme Court in the disqualification case of Donald
Trump under the 14th Amendment Section 3.

Dec 6, 2023 #MSNBC #Trump #Wisconsin

With new indictments of fake Trump electors in Nevada, there are now six states actively pursuing accountability for Donald Trump’s scheme, and a new civil settlement in Wisconsin has revealed some damning behind-the-scenes details. Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, co-host of the Prosecuting Donald Trump podcast, discusses with Alex Wagner.

And the beat goes on. The question is how many are paying attention?

As an aside my wife shared this with me, seems worth sharing.

The measure of a man.
Let’s compare:

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Those are great clips. Is your question how did we get here?
Trying to figure out how to reply.

I’m looking forward to it.

Here my short version of major highlights: It started with assassinating our President and getting away with it.
Actually it started before that when pushy undereducated louts started getting richer than God off of oil. But it just wasn’t enough, they wanted, they needed, they demanded more, but it was never enough.
Look up Texas oil and Politics, you could do a college course on the substantive books written that expose details of the dirty deeds and ugly history that’s been revealed over time.

Then the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine from Television. Then the tobacco wars injected a new attitude, since we don’t like the honest facts, WTF lets just lie our heads off.
Doubt is Our Product.

Then Reagan became President, and convinced a nation that Greed is Good and Too Much Is Never Enough. Oh and that endless economic growth was the goal - and way the heck too few took the time to mention that was insane and in fact it’s the definition of cancer and it destroys.

Reagan also empowered Christian extremists and Christian nationalist to become political forces via massive campaigns of deception and brainwashing.

During the Climate Wars the strategies of disinformation and the silky lie and yet more brainwashing this time focused on slandering science, became perfected to a high art form.

Regulations became of enemy, endless riches the goal and that message permeated our entire society. What could go wrong.

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Life is full of surprises, I never thought I’d give Carl Rove a thumbs up,
but here I am:


RNC chair may be in trouble over audio of Trump, Karl Rove warns

Dec 26, 2023 #Trump #RonnaMcDaniel #Politics

Fmr. Bush advisor Karl Rove warns that RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel may be in deep trouble for **then-President Trump and McDaniel pressuring two Republican canvassers in Michigan not to certify the 2020 presidential election results during a phone call days after the election.**The Detroit News reported this phone call last week.

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“Those who now call themselves conservatives are either liberals, fascists or the accomplices of fascists,” Orwell wrote in “Rudyard Kipling.”

How true !!! given that liberals here means liberals in economics.

Headlines like this one from NBC suggest the US is in for a very rocky time in ten months…the elite factions loathe each other and all sides are prepared to play dirty to get their own personal imbicile in the top chair:


Fears grow that Trump will use the military in ‘dictatorial ways’ if he returns to the White House

Among those being mentioned for Trump’s defense secretary are Christopher Miller, who served temporarily during his administration, Michael Flynn and Mike Pompeo.

Do I hear glee in those words, and champagne corks popping in the background?

Take heart z, “31 minutes (after polls open): Trump’s historic Iowa victory puts America on notice,” screams the AXIOS headline, and many others are jumping on the bandwagon of what a wonderful victory it was for MAGA.

But as usual in trump world, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors - and since the media fascination with trump is a great as ever, they’re sure to play along with the grande performance and milk it for all its worth.

Still, looking a little closer it seems like it’s not that straightforward, nor particularly huge for the trumpkins, all things considered.

In Iowa the criminal defendant and sex offender Trump garnered 51% (the draft dodger is calling it a “landslide”) of 108,000 Republican caucus voters. 108,000 votes is 14.4% of Iowa’s 752,000 GOP voters.

Jan 16, 2024
MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the results of the Iowa caucus where Donald Trump barely cleared 50 percent of the vote in a party he claims to dominate.

It ain’t over till it’s over. Who will American chose a flawed politician who believes in America, or a professional con man who hate’s America and taxes, and most Americans for that matter. You should hear some of the garbage he’s said about his own people.

All those charges and he still gets 51% ! Biden doing everything he can to make trump an illegitimate candidate while the media tries its hardest to convince the public that nikki haley would be a great president. All failed. And its not just trump calling it a landslide

So much wrong with that. So much wrong with a country that has lost trust in its institutions. It’s a vote against how we pick Presidents.

There are good reasons.

Of course there are. And there are ways to fix the problems. Declaring elections invalid is not one of them.

Simply out of general curious Zedenko,
I’m wonder if you’ve ever heard of a book called the Robert’s Rules of Order?

Heck in the same vain, I’d be curious to know if you’ve ever done any volunteer work for other people.

Is community worth putting a little effort into?

Biden declaring all our problems is down to just one person is not one of them either

Earth centrist

Did you see the iowa caucus election results??:see_no_evil:

I did. Did you like those results?

I noticed you refused to answer my questions.
Do they put you off?
Do fear such self exposure?

Who are you?

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Earth centrist - are you leaving the country?

Why should I do that?

Do you think there’s something better out there?
Heck, do you have any idea what “Earth Centrism” is about?

Earth centrist - you can live under trump again?

That’s not happening, silly.

Can you imagine an America where the criminal defendant and sexual offender trump becomes irrelevant?
What are all the disillusioned MAGA’s going to do, attack the military?

Earth Centrist

Butcher Biden has lost the arab vote which dwarfs the jewish vote.