Trump is “biblical” says Bachman

Perhaps she’s right. Satan, after all is “biblical”. (Needless to say, “biblical” also means evil.)

The true definition of a villain: Satan tried to capture the attention for himself, take over the world and circumvent the plans of the Hero. (Read revelation 12:7-9)

Sound familiar?

Some other “biblical” villains.

What goes around comes around: Haman conspired a plot to wipe out an entire nation, simply because Mordecai the Jew refused to bow to him. However, Queen Esther foiled his evil plan and Haman ended up on the gallows he’d designed for Mordecai. (Read Esther 3)

This guy really wanted to rule over the citizens of Shechem, but he had a slight problem in the form of his brothers—70 problems, actually. Taking matters into his own hands, Abimelech slaughtered all 70 of his own brothers and was promptly crowned king. (Read Judges 9:1-6)

The Bible’s first murderer, Cain wasn’t happy when God favoured his brother’s offering over his. Even after being rebuked by God, Cain let his jealousy take over, killed Abel and then lied to God about it. (Read Genesis 4:1-12)

King Herod
Paranoid, cruel, and barbaric, this king was so jealous of Jesus’ birth that he ordered all babies under the age of two to be slaughtered. His name means “heroic”, though he was anything but. (Read Matthew 2:1-16)

Another biblical hero for TrumpAss.

Pharaoh of Egypt
The Pharaoh who Moses confronted, probably Rameses II, had one of the hardest, most stubborn hearts in the Bible. He repeatedly challenged God’s authority and refused to release the Israelites from slavery. (Read Exodus 5-12)

And female villains for Biblical Melania to fashion herself after.

Deceptive and cunning, Delilah tricked Samson into revealing the source of his strength. She then betrayed him into the hands of the Philistines, and walked away from the whole debacle rich with gold. (Read Judges 16)

You know you’re evil when you have a World War II missile named after you. Jezebel was a heathen princess who married Ahab, king of Northern Israel [plot twist: he turned out to be just as evil], and was heavily involved in idolatry and wicked schemes. (Read 1 Kings 18, 19, 21)

Proving that two wrongs don’t make a right, Athaliah was the daughter of the evil King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Ruthless and wicked, she destroyed the entire royal family of the house of Judah and forced herself onto the throne to rule for six years. Like mother, like daughter? (Read 2 Chronicles 22:10-12)

Another mother-daughter tale with a tragic end. Herodias was the woman responsible for the death of John the Baptist, ruthlessly sacrificing her daughter’s modesty to plot the murder of the person she most hated. (Read Matthew 14:3-12)

They all fit and they’re all biblical.