15 Bible Verses Identifying Donald J. Trump as the Antichrist

This is amazing, I mean sounds like sharing this is a public service announcement since I know some Christians do visit us, and this is their chance to learn what the Bible really says about that man. Here’s to a healthy dialogue. :clinking_glasses:


Donald J. Trump is the Antichrist

#1) The Antichrist will come in his own name and be accepted – John 5:43
#2) The Antichrist has the mouth of a lion – Revelation 13:2
#3) The Antichrist is arrogant, and magnifies himself above others – Daniel 8:25
#4) The Antichrist is extremely boastful – Daniel 7:8
#5) The Antichrist will throw truth to the ground – Daniel 8:12
#6) The Antichrist will deny the Father and the Son – 1 John 2:22
#7) The Antichrist will be a vile person – Daniel 11:21
#8) The Antichrist will honor the god of forces – Daniel 11:38
#9) The Antichrist is connected to gold – Revelation 13:18
#10) The Antichrist is called the Little Horn – Daniel 7:8
#11) The Antichrist has a covenant with many – Daniel 9:27
#12) The Antichrist will disguise himself as an angel of light – 2 Corinthians 11:15
#13) The Antichrist will love money as it’s the root of all kinds of evil – 1 Timothy 6:10
#14) The Antichrist is revealed by the falling away – 2 Thessalonians 2:3
#15) The Antichrist has the ultimate ego to call himself God – 2 Thessalonians 2:4

Trump’s proclamation that he has saved the world is … inevitable.

The idea of Trump being the Antichrist is a bridge too far for many Christians. After all, they’ve been told for years that he was the great defender of Christianity – a man who battles the Deep State and who tells it like it is no matter the risk. He is a force for good in the battle of good vs. evil.

In reality, none of that is true. Trump isn’t battling evil; he’s battling those who oppose HIM or have come against HIM in some way. Evil has nothing to do with it. Trump’s battles are all about elevating himself and destroying his enemies.

As hard as it is for some Christians to accept, the truth is that Donald J. Trump perfectly lines up with how the bible describes the Antichrist. There is simply no one else on the world scene who is even close.

If this video hasn’t at least made you think that Trump COULD be the Antichrist, then I ask that you please – at the very least – keep your eyes on him. Keep him in the back of your mind over the coming months and years, and watch what he says and does.

CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro music
0:27 The reason for this video
2:32 John 5: 43
3:28 Revelation 13: 2
4:28 Daniel 8: 25
5:22 Daniel 7: 8
6:13 Daniel 8: 12
7:10 1 John 2: 22
8:14 Daniel 11: 21
9:09 Daniel 11: 38
10:20 Revelation 13: 18
11:45 Daniel 7: 8
13:01 Daniel 9: 27
14:52 2 Corinthians 11: 15
16:11 1 Timothy 6: 10
17:24 2 Thessalonians 2: 3
18:47 2 Thessalonians 2: 4
20:27 A few last words
21:56 Thank you for watching

ABOUT (the) channel, it covers current events and bible prophecy, especially as they relate to the Antichrist. The bible gives us specific descriptions of this Man of Sin, and each and every one of those descriptions points directly at Donald J. Trump.

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The bible has something for everyone. :imp:

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