Trump attacks on Mail-In Ballots, cynical ploy to delegitimize voting and election results

An MSNBC panel discusses the possibility raised by the January 6th Committee that Donald Trump was deliberately trying to manipulate Election Day counting by criticizing mail-in voting and had abandoned trying to win the election in favor of trying to scheme a means of holding power.

Takeaways: Trump’s mind ‘made up’ on fraud ahead of Jan. 6


Stepien told the committee that he and House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy had met with Trump in the summer of 2020 and made a two-pronged case for why he should stop criticizing mail-in voting, which was widely used because of the pandemic. He and McCarthy told Trump that he was leaving “a lot to chance” and that there were GOP party workers on the ground who could help get mail-in votes for Trump.

McCarthy, who has declined to cooperate with the Jan. 6 panel despite a subpoena, was “echoing the same argument,” Stepien said.

“But the president’s mind was made up,” Stepien said. …

Testifying in person at the hearing, Stirewalt explained that the network, along with others, had expected that there would be a so-called “red mirage” at the beginning of the evening as in-person Republican votes came in, and many of the mail-in votes that would be counted later on would lean Democratic. He noted it happens every election.

Trump had not only exploited that pattern to make false claims of fraud, but contributed to it in his campaign to call mail-in voting into question.

“We had gone to pains, and I’m proud of the pains, we went to, to make sure that we were informing viewers that this was going to happen because the Trump campaign and the president had made it clear that they were going to try to exploit this anomaly,” Stirewalt said. …

A malicious narcissist vandal who hated our government because it collects taxes and make rules we must obey, yet idiot America fell head over heels for his grifter games.

Barr laid out the “what about” strategy. Trump would never agree he was wrong, if you told him, he would at, “okay, what about”. I think he was fishing for the more complex answers, that make lying easier.

Like Michigan, that actually does truck ballots to central locations for counting. He could make a chart of them arriving at certain times, and then ask where they came from, even though he knew the answer.

Why aren’t there protests about voting fraud in the primaries … where trump-backed candidates won?

I watched the documentary on Netflix it was about the murder of Seth Rich. They even say Trump approved and pushed the story before Fox put it out. Even Julian Assange lie and said Seth was a Wiki leak contact. The complete dishonesty of the republicans is mind boggling and is that what America really wants, The truth is what they say is the truth it does not matter what really happened.

oh man haven’t you nailed it. I’ve been wondering for a long time why in heck, no one has put together a documentary about 2016 voter fraud and intimidation, both official and unofficial. There’s a lot of “there” in 2015/2016. Would make for compelling viewing but it would also be journalistic Mt. Whitney to compile the story and evidence.

The other thing, since we’re dreaming now, confronting their entire premise, why do you need to hate and demonize and fear your enemy so much? What make you think you are so much better??? Especially when your own kind represents some of the worst humanity is capable of producing.

Haha! That’s basically the rhetorical question I asked myself about the religion I was being raised in. I am now agnostic.

I think rhetorical questions might be all we have left.
It’s not like anyone cares about what anyone else thinks these days.
It seems that our society just doesn’t even care much about facts, or honesty, or fair play anymore.
Guess this upcoming election will tell us who we as a society are.

Yes, I think about these things more than I should, yes it makes my head hurt. :woozy_face:

I was just thinking - “Is America broken?” and go through the topics - politics, business, economy, healthcare, social, safety, … ??.???

Here we go, the paper trail, the video trail, the public record, the details are being stitched together and being presented to all of us.

Sad part is so many Republicans have gone over to the dark Alternate Universe of disregard for evidence and Honesty-free totalitarianism.

In a pre-produced video, the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection previews moments focusing on how former President Trump and his allies pressured officials in key battleground states as they sought to overturn the election. #CNN #News