McCarthy & trump's GOP are now dependent on trump's Projection and Deflect tactic

Project and Deflect!
It’s a strategy honed by the climate science denial propaganda machine. One that Trump discovered for himself very early in his way too long life of self-adulation and disregard for all who don’t serve him.

Now it’s the national campaign strategy that the Republicans have become absolutely dependent on, to feed their brainwashed constituents and keep them scared, since they have nothing else to offer America.

Question is what are rational Americans, who believe in the rule of law, in constructive learning and fair play do about it?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke to reporters on January 13, a day after he had announced he would not cooperate with the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. CNN’s John Avlon reacts to his statements. #CNN #News

Lose. I have more hope for the world in China.