Oh the horror. America collapsing before our eyes. November 2020, last chance to vote folks. Sure I appreciate Democrats leave a lot to be hoped for, but at least they’ll try to shore up the United States of America and our government. If Americans are so weak that they allow Moscow Mitch the traitor and Donald Trump the COVID Virus whisper, and Barr the sycophant outlaw AG, to get their way, by 2024 - you can bet we’ll be turned into the Corporation of Amerika - dedicated to White Supremacy; private profits über alles; and making Putin happy.


Former DOJ officials spoke about the attorney general’s efforts to undermine voting and his potential to unleash an “October surprise.” Peter Stone

August 29 2020,


ON AUGUST 13, a day after President Donald Trump again charged that Democrats’ efforts to expand mail-in voting due to the pandemic will create “the greatest rigged election in history,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr too made unfounded and conspiratorial-sounding claims. Barr told Sean Hannity on Fox News that Democrats’ drive seeking to expand mail-in voting could raise “serious questions about the integrity of the election,” were “grossly irresponsible,” and “reckless.”

That was hardly the first time they seemed to agree. In a July House Judiciary hearing and in a June interview with Fox News, Barr joined Trump in his monthslong and spurious attacks on voting by mail. …



“Barr has admitted he has no evidence of widespread mail-voting fraud,” former federal prosecutor and former senior official at Homeland Security Paul Rosenzweig told me. “All he is doing is trying, unsuccessfully, to give Trump a basis for challenging the election. This is not the job of the Attorney General.” …


Specifically, the Justice Department has failed to pursue pending court cases that seek to stop discriminatory voting practices, including ones that happened in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and these or similar cases could come up before November, say former DOJ lawyers. It has abstained from taking legal action in cases of voter purges that occurred in Georgia and Ohio in both 2018 and 2019. Likewise, the DOJ has been missing in action in cases involving polling place reductions during this year’s primaries in Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Georgia. And it has failed to take action in cases stemming from too few — or error-prone — voting machines in minority neighborhoods.

In the past, attorneys general have used their powers to send personnel to monitor polling sites to ensure there are no voting irregularities involving civil rights abuses; the Department of Justice did this in 2016. Critics fear now that Barr may heed Trump’s suggestions last week — when he railed, without evidence, that he could only lose due to a “rigged” election by Democrats and called for deploying law enforcement personnel — and send monitors who would intimidate voters, suppressing the overall vote …


An October Surprise . . . (check out the complete Intercept article)

Remember your VOTE is the only time your opinion matters to the powers that be.

Bill Barr is a t rump personal mob lawyer. He is Attorney General in name only. He is a MAJOR disgrace to that title.

His continuance in that position is an anathema to democracy.

The t rump would not allow anyone to stay in that position who did not show complete loyalty to him, if he could help it. So now he has the complete loyalty of Barr to be his personal mob defense attorney and campaign promoter.

To the extent that he can, the t rump has corrupted most of the govt agencies under his purview, to all become depts of the t rump campaign.

It’s the Republican way. You guys are aware that this is the month they have planned to announce the Biden investigations too, right? Because Benghazi was so helpful in the last election they are going to drum up an investigation for this one too.

Trashing Biden will not work. Any trash that they can make up about Biden, the t rump has done for real.

I have noticed that when I see a Biden campaign commercial these days, I feel a sense of peace, hearing him speak. It is like a preview of a future without the monstrous malignancy that IS the t tump.

That is not to say that the repugLIARS will not be using the now t rump owned DOJ to cheat his way forward in various devious ways.

He continues to take over all of the democratic institutions as much as he can. He has largely succeeded already in that endeavor. He still continues to use his manipulative machinations to bring the military in line as his personal mob goons. If he is successful in that, then we could all be in for a truly dystopic future.

The tRump is also in the process of insuring that our “Intelligence” resources only tell him what he wants to hear.

The last time an administration did that was when Cheney and W decided they wanted to invade Iraq.

The DOJ, and other cabinet positions are under the tRump’s control, now. The Intelligence agencies will soon, also be, if he retains power. He influences previously respected objective govt agencies like the FDA and CDC, so that they sometimes bend to his crazy ideas and whims. He infects and corrupts every agency of govt that he can. If he does not succeed at first, he continues until his corruption succeeds.


The resignation of Nora Dannehy, a federal prosecutor probing of the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, is triggering concerns over whether Attorney General Bill Barr could be pressuring the team to release information that could give President Trump an advantage in the upcoming election.

What To Know About The Resignation Of A Top Deputy Investigating Origins Of Russia Probe | MSNBC | Sep 12, 2020

Impeach the corrupt creep, anyone?

Apparently the Justice Department is the only weapon we have against the Burn Loot Murder crowd. Notice that the fake news has stopped showing protests since everyone realized they were actually helping Trump. There are still protests, aren’t there?

Notice that Joe has had to disavow BLM activities. He sounds just like Trump now that he gets it.

There are still protests, aren’t there? -- Bob
Who are asking? If you have some access to real news, wouldn't you know that?
Apparently the Justice Department is the only weapon we have against the Burn Loot Murder crowd. Notice that the fake news has stopped showing protests since everyone realized they were actually helping Trump. There are still protests, aren’t there?
The DOJ just like other cabinet positions that the tRump has stacked his own loyal campaign promoters as leaders, is not at all a dept for justice. It is a dept that does anything it can to try to help the tRump get re-elected.

Barr very recently proclaimed that 3 Democratic cities were zones of anarchy that they would take federal funds from.

We don’t know who all of the BAD ACTORS are in the cases of burning and looting and murdering. But some of them no doubt are far right agitators.

We do know that the lawful peaceful demonstrations happen and become larger when it is learned that equal justice for blacks is F’d in the A, each time that it repeatedly happens. Then someone, takes advantage of the large peaceful demonstrations and protests, to do BAD ACTIONS.

The RepugLIARS then proclaim their false (and destructively divisive) narrative that antifa is the problem, or that the demonstrators are the problem. Extremist white supremacists are the biggest threat to peace in the USA, but they are ALLIES of the tRump, so Barr ignores what they do.

The true problem is cops continue to unnecessarily kill black people. And rather than try to correct THAT problem, the RepugLIARS claim the problem is the demonstrators.

And the RepugLIARS further spread their false narrative in order to give the tRump his false claim of being a “law and order” candidate, when he is actually the “corruption and chaos” candidate.

He is actually unable or unwilling to understand the actual problem, perhaps because doing so and doing something to actually deal with the problem, DOES NOT SUIT HIS PLANS FOR RE-ELECTION.

I don’t recall a more corrupt Attorney General in my lifetime.



If we can survive the election, all the attention to various voting blocks will go away and nothing will have changed.

Law and order will prevail or we will have a second eight years of Republican rule after Trump’s eight years. The thought of the Republicans having both houses and the Presidency ought to be enough to scare the far left straight.

The Catholic Lawyer

Volume 36
Number 1 Volume 36, Number 1

Legal Issues in a New Political Order William P. Barr




This discussion addresses the challenge of representing Catholic institutions in this day and age. Rather than deal with this topic on a technical, legal plane by addressing the latest ways of protecting tax exempt status or handling charges of clergy misconduct, it takes a broader view by examining the overall challenge confronting the Church that affects us as lawyers for Catholic institutions.


We live in an increasingly militant, secular age. We see an emerg- ing philosophy that government is expected to play an ever greater role in addressing social problems in our society. It is also expected to over- ride various private interests as it goes about this work. As part of this philosophy, we see a growing hostility toward religion, particularly Catholicism. This form of bigotry has always been fashionable in the United States. There are, today, even greater efforts to marginalize or “ghettoize” orthodox religion. …

Religious fanatics suck and create the ugliest of human behavior imaginable due to their absolutist blind-sided obsessions.

William Barr another American traitor in the name of his self-serving “God” (read EGO run amok)




IDEAS - The Atlantic

The Fanatic
Bill Barr is convinced that the country is betraying its founding—and that it’s up to him to stop it.

Donald Ayer
Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General under George H. W. Bush

This unprecedented pattern of conduct by the nation’s chief law-enforcement officer has brought a question to the minds of many people: Why does Bill Barr do the things he does?

To help us find answers to that question, Barr has left an extensive paper trail that goes back more than 30 years. Or rather, he has left two paper trails that run parallel to each other. The most familiar of these concerns executive power, the other the religious and moral health of the American people. As divergent as those subjects sound, Barr’s ideas on both follow a common course and structure.

On both subjects, Barr posits a set of views that he ascribes to the Founders, and that, he believes, were absolutely essential to the success of the great experiment that is America. Those views also happen to be his own. In both cases, according to Barr, the Founders’ vision was firmly instituted, leading to the great advances and dominant role America came to play during most of two centuries. But, also in both cases, starting at around the same time—the 1960s and ’70s—the nation wandered away from the sacred path defined by its Founders. On account of that apostasy, the country now finds itself in dire straits. For Barr, the only remedy is drastic action to restore the nation to the Founders’ vision. Fortunately, he is making himself available to lead that restoration.

Barr is a political hack tRumper. Him being Attorney General puts a neon sign of shame on the “Dept of (what used to actually try to support) Justice”.

He is helping in the tRump’s robust, never ending quest, to become the uncontested Autocrat of what used to be the USA. He has nothing to do with real justice.

What does that matter? He’s got the power and no one(s) seems big enough or smart enough to take him down.


What does that matter? He’s got the power and no one(s) seems big enough or smart enough to take him down.
You mean Barr? He goes when the tRump goes. The only power we have for now, really, is the VOTE in the coming election. We must win the Senate as well as the Presidency.

If the election is stolen, which is clearly a possibility, then we are screwed. But I knew, in 2016, we would be screwed if the tRump got into power. I knew that the SCOTUS would be lost for a generation or more, but few Dems seemed to consider it much back then. The young Bernie crowd, definitely did not. They went 3rd party for the most part.

If we do not get the power by winning this election, i.e., if there is not a free and fair election, the way forward will be bleak, indeed.

At that point, with the tRump having stolen the election with the rigorous assistance of the Dept of (IN)Justice and other traitors, the only thing to be done, may be the triple top secret xyz-infinity plan. But let’s not consider that for now (and hopefully not ever). It is a desperate option of last resort.

He’s got the power and no one(s) seems big enough or smart enough to take him down. --CC
Being removed is not the only thing that can be done. He has not accomplished very much of his agenda. He has not built his base. It doesn't appear he has won any points with Putin even. I think it's going to be a rough couple months, but I don't think the governors will back him, so I don't think he'll be able to get the election decided by the court. Then, imagine him trying to go back to dealing with contractors and bankers. How's that going to work out?


He has not accomplished very much of his agenda.
The tRump has almost certainly accomplished his agenda of installing more federal justices than almost any POTUS and they are probably more tRump loyalists rather than just conservatives. AND the tRump will have 3 SCOTUS appointees. That is a major major agenda. And it is going to hurt. Starting with the COURT finally accomplishing the tRump agenda of killing the ACA and replacing it with something pathetic. And Roe will likely fall as well. And nothing good will be done by a 6-3 SCOTUS for a whole host of social issues.

But I AM hopeful still that we can somehow get around the tRump’s efforts to steal the election (though I think we have not yet seen all of the ways he may try to do it.)

timb, I thought I’d get a little pushback on that comment. Sure, he’s done a lot of damage. Let’s hope it’s all fixable. Although, 4 more years of nothing being done about global warming is pretty much undoable.

Although, 4 more years of nothing being done about global warming is pretty much undoable. - Lausten
The Earth is 4.5 billion years old according to science. Do you think 4 more years of Trump can destroy it?