Tim Tebow got me banned from posting on Yahoo Comments board

Ok it was not Tim Tebow but a comment I made about Time Tebow that got me banned

This was the time when I was new to comments board on Yahoo and was making a few comments so I knew which comment got me kicked out permanently
This was the time when Tebow got to be a member of the Jaguars team thanks to knowing the top boss, his old coach from Florida. Even though he was totally unqualified, having never played Tight End, he was still given a chance to “pursue his dreams” crushing the dreams of a more qualified player. Who knows that player might be a Tom Brady
Tebow did not EARN his place, it was GIVEN to him
Anyway, I posted that Tebow was simply following the precepts of his Christian religion
Heaven cannot be Earned, it can only be Given! Given to those who have a “relationship” with the top boss. Honestly, I am not sure how one can have a “relationship” with a dead man gone so long ago, we have no idea what he looks like or what he said or did! All we have are the words of a man who wrote about him a 100 years later!
But I guess having a relationship means joining “his” religion and singing his praises!
But Tebow did have a “Relationship” with the head coach and he was rewarded for it!
We see this in Corrupt, Communist countries where whom-you-know is more important than what-you-know! The best qualified may not always get the job, the best product won’t win the contract. Those who have the right contacts get ahead of those who are more qualified!
Grease some palms, grovel to the right people, sing their praises and get ahead!
That’s exactly what Tebow did - using corrupt ways to get ahead of more qualified people!
And that’s all it took! I guess I angered a Christian moderator who used his/her position to ban me
After that, every post I made kept getting immediately rejected! That was strange so I started testing - a Simple “Hi” post got rejected! A simple “Hello” got rejected - it ran against the “community guidelines” of Yahoo which I am supposed to read
Well, I knew then what happened
I now use a different email address to post and am more careful, but still I am not too sure what will trigger their anger
For example I can post - “Heaven is a metaphor for the womb, Childhood” - that goes thru ok
But if i expand on that, like “in Childhood as in the womb, we are fed, protected, sheltered, cared for and our parents kept us in a bubble away from facing the horrors of real life
Billions think they can run back to Mommy, back to their Childhood, remain helpless children needing to be cared for, for eternity!
A Nanny God has nothing better to do than to cater to billions of helpless “children” shamelessly sponging off him for eternity”
And this does get rejected! Immediately! I don’t even get a warning
I tried cleaning it up, removed the Mommy reference, the Nanny God, the word sponge, but still it gets rejected!
The Christian media making sure that their religion cannot be criticized

This is due to the exclusive nature of religions. They all claim divine truth.