atheism tv commercial during the superbowl

i normally couldn’t care less about the superbowl - or the ads - but this alone made it worth it:

Cute commercial. “We go one God further” Huh?
BTW, logic is a branch of Mathematics, and so atheists don’t own that branch. I wish to see an ad about eupraxsophy, the loving practice of knowledge.

That was really well done. It was actually beautiful. This is the sort of thing the atheist community needs to do more of, media that appeals to the beauty of logic and reason and the positives of atheism.
Funny though I thought i sat through just about the entire game and I dont recall seeing that commercial. I may have missed a few minutes here and there. Figures I wold get up just at the wrong time.

Correction: I just read through the comments and it appears some people recognized this as a scientology add. We may have been duped here. I think they took a scientology add and changed the last frame to read atheism instead of scientology and then posted the change to youtube. What a shame if that’s true since the add does not describe scientology at all.

I was wondering about the commercial and if it had been blocked out by our local station but after asking several friends, one saw the commercial but didn’t see the atheist label at the end. He said he remembered it as a religious commercial. I also watched the whole Super Bowl but somehow completely missed it. If only it had been true!
Cap’t Jack

Yeah, I am pretty sure that’s a Scientology commercial. I looked at some other Scientology commercials and they all sound and look pretty much the same as this “atheism” one. Actually, you can tell the edited part towards the end (at 0:55 min) was added later.

It was fine until the end when it became atheist propaganda.

There is something ironic about a high profile commercial promoting logic funded by a cult.
Maybe someday Dawkins could run ads not for the high priced SuperBowl slots.