This is an saying I cannot wrap: "Its not worth dying for," yet?????

Was watching the news channel today, and one of the news anchors was telling of a break-in (burglary) of a American Legions. The placed being burglarize was empty of people, but had nice electronic for the member to relax, enjoy themselves, and watch television, and play games or gamble. You know those game units you would love to have at home. Getting back to the story, one of the members who had a key to the place just happened to stop by. Whether he saw a suspicious car on the property, or some tell tell sign to make him take notice, I do not know. Upon entering the Legions, quickly he saw what was taking place, as well as the burglars. Just so happen he is one of the those persons who have a permit to carry a gun. The member pulled his pistol and began shooting at the intruders. Shots were returned, no one was shot and the burglars got away.
Now I told this story to get to this center of inquiry. The member who has interrupted the burglars in action was later interviewed by a news caster, and was asked some questions I can’t remember, but my ears perked up when I heard him say; “There’s nothing in here worth dying for.” and from nowhere I heard myself saying, “Then there was nothing in there worth killing for.” What takes precedent here, “I will not kill over something not worth dying for,” or “I will kill over something not worth dying for”?

I am astounded, Jufa! I agree with you. If no one’s life was in danger, then there was no reason for this person to draw a gun and shoot at the intruders. I personally think he should have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. However depending upon the local laws in the area, it may have been legal for him to defend the club’s property in this way. I couldn’t say.

I do not question the law which govern this issue, it is a conscientious question for each individual to decide what they would do.