The return of Republicans who aren't wacko

Kinzinger makes a couple amazing statements here. I set the timestamp to the middle of the interview, it starts with some pretty common points, then Chuck asks about the unprecedented nature of Trump’s actions. The response is perfect.

It’s followed by the problem Dobbs has caused for mid-terms, and the next question is pretty wild. Liz Cheney is saying she might be promoting Democrats to win against the extremist Republicans in some upcoming races. Kinzinger agrees, putting the need for self governance above everything else.

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Thanks, good interview.

17:30 Oh the irony. Re McCarthy, et al - trump became president on his lie that Obama wasn’t an American.

18:50 This would have been a good place to remind folks that our government is founded on the principle of Pluralism.

Wackos r us

A) Ain’t that American, little pink houses for you and me.
B) What so campaigning politicians are back stabbing so and so?
C) Check your calendar.
D) The runway behind us doesn’t do us any good.

E) Have any interesting observations to share?

F) Oh and sorry couldn’t bring myself to watch it, Larry kinda got on my nerves at the best of times, and I’d hate to hear the nonsense spilling from her mouth. But that was then, and this is now, everyone should be able to find some redemption from our wicked pasts.

ottozuts100, thanks for checking in on us.

How kooky would you have to be to support someone who defends birthers?


How kooky do you have to be not recognize, that was then, and this is now.

How kooky would we need to be to reject the help of an ideological opponent - remember this is America where we were supposed to be able to discuss and compromise and learn and change. Most of all to work to gather toward common goals. Right now the common goal is trying to save what we can of our democracy.

If all you want to do is rage and pound a wall fine - I can actually relate to that to some extent*, but once you’ve pounded your fists to hamburger what have you accomplished???

Fortunately at heart I’m a peaceful person who likes people, so I do all I can to vent that rage into more productive avenues, such as trying to reach out and communicate with folks.

Seven more Republican leaders have announced their endorsement for Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidate for governor Josh Shapiro, following photos of GOP state Sen. Doug Mastriano wearing a Confederate military uniform.

This comes one month after nine Republicans vowed to support the Democratic candidate and called Mastriano an “extremist” who threatens American democracy.

And Oz is slipping into a tighter race for Senate than originally expected.
As is Vance in Ohio.

I’m sure he is an extremist, but jeez, clickbait. Nothing against you mrmhead. Just sayin’ it’s a pain to sort through the media headlines. It was an educational event, and other people were wearing period costumes in the photo.

The photo just brought a little more attention to him.
If it were as innocent as say… a Halloween party, I doubt if many GOPers would care. But he does have some extremist views, … and he has the support of trump