The Pegg Project® TIME TRAVEL Discoveries

The September 2023 TPP announcement Video can be found on their website, along with more information and Study Options:
Time Travel experiments Back to the Past caused several problems.
Our Video presents WHAT Went WRONG, to WHERE, the WHAT, WHY, and WHO else was visited, and reveals the SOLUTION.
Proof #1 : Ancient Egyptians depicted and described Computer Technology.

Direct link to video:

eddypengelly you posted that without comment.

How about an introduction?

Something like, why should a rational person bother watching that video?
Might be a good starting point.

That Pegg Project … ‘®’ sounds like a business venture,
and business venture sound like someone trying to pick my pocket.
Is that what this is about?

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It is a video announcement about new Time Travel discoveries, and on the cited webpage is more information and links to further information.
I thought this was obvious - but I take your point and have edited the OP and added a brief introduction.
Yes, there are eBooks that appear on a later page, but before that there is information about the Findings (with many visual examples), the Project’s Back-story, and Study Options that include downloading 6 Papers (at preprint stage) for free (so no hands in pockets required).
Thanks for pointing out the need for a proper introduction; I will do so next time.

It is obvious. Also obvious, the odds of this being true or meaningful are near zero. So, why should I bother?

Can you explain what actually happens during time travel?

Time travel is possible. Come and introduce yourself Eddy.

No, the odds are not near zero. Of the over 30 ancient accounts that Ronald Pegg claimed contain reports of human time travel encounters, I have personally reexamined 18 of them and confirmed his conclusions on those case studies. (I have produced written reports on each of them.) 18 out of 30 is 60%

So, I’m supposed to go by your word?

No. That has not come up during my investigations.
Ancient texts containing documented accounts of time travel encounters (including the mid 1990s compter tech taken back with them) is the focus of The Pegg Project® discoveries and findings.
In a different updated video presentation it is stated that “How a time machine was built - is currently not known”, as questions similar to yours are being asked.
I would love to know the answer to that too.

No, I definately hope not. It is expected that one examines the present evidence then comes to a conclusion based upon that presented evidence.
That is why there are 6 Papers to download for free (plus over 20 eReports if people want to later scrutinize the 18 Case Studies).
Also, I personally check out the researcher’s background as well.

Thanks. Will follow it up next week.

Now we are going in circles. Let me review.

Eddy: new time travel evidence!
Me: that’s highly unlikely
Eddy: do your own research
Me: I’m asking what you think
Eddy: do your own research

So, why do I need your post?

No it isn’t possible. The moment you reverse time there will be an immediate quantum collapse of your reality.
You cannotg go back in time going forward in time and are always going forward in time.

According to Stephen Hawking, the problem is, how does the matter that makes up your body, get into the place in time that is filled with all of its matter? Air isn’t visible, but it’s full of particles. Where do those go when you appear in this different time?

I have a problem with the concept of “travelling forward” in time while “travelling backward” in time at the “same time”.!!!.. :thinking:

Reclusive (Ronald Pegg), previously unknown, independent Researcher 1996 to 2002

He declined to be officially interviewed and to have his picture taken. Instead, he said:
“I am not the issue. My Discoveries and Research, and the Evidence will speak for itself. Please focus on my Discoveries and personally examine all the Evidence for yourself, and do not come to a conclusion based upon preconceived ideas given to you by other people.”

12th October 2000

That day was an historical day for two reasons:
Ronald Pegg’s PaRDeS works were publicly released to Australian Universities for examination;

He was the first person in the 20th century to present actual proof of Time Travel.

For this he was given the epithet of Time Detective by his associates.

Conducted 1996 to 2002 Pegg researched many varied topics and authored twenty A4 sized BOOKLETS based upon his Time Travel discoveries.

Six years isn’t really that much time for doing an exhaustive study of historic texts.

In 2002 he wrote his autobiography just before he ceased his research and writing activities, saying that ‘I have done all that I can do’.

He takes you on his personal journey of discovery as he explains and reveals how he discovered Evidence of Time Travel in the Bible and dozens of other ancient texts.

This book has not yet been released.

Contacting Pegg
Ronald Pegg ceased his activities in 2002 and since then he has not contacted anyone. We have not been able to locate him nor contact him. We have been monitoring his last known email address but to our knowledge he has not used that account since 2002.


You could start at the basics, describing the difference between scientific “Proof” vs, personal interpretation ancient written words.

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RE: “Me: I’m asking what you think
Eddy: do your own research
So, why do I need your post?”

No, you are twisting words. I did not ask you to do ‘your own research’ [from scratch] - I stated “It is expected that one examines the present evidence then comes to a conclusion based upon that presented evidence”. The Publisher, on their websites, has made 6 papers available for free, several Videos available for free, plus over 20 eReports that can be purchased. The proof is out there for anyone to read and scrutinize.
You asked what I think. I earlier stated that [so far] I have personally examined 18 out of 30 ancient texts. Those investigations derived a 60% validation rate regarding Ronald Pegg’s claims [in relation to those specific Case Studies]. What I (or anyone else) “think” is not relevant - as it is from the presented evidence that a conclusion is drawn. For each individual Case Study I require a validation rate of over 85%. Each of the 18 Case Studies derived more than this. Thus it is highly likely that Ronald Pegg HAS found proof of time travel back to the past, as over half of his claims [so far] have validated [between 86% and 96%].
This is why I keep scrutinizing Pegg’s work.
Why you choose to do or not do anything - I have no idea.
Dozens of other people seem not to have any issues in examining [the information contained in] these posts.

One could do this, but this would take up extra time away from actually do specific research. Elsewhere on/in the publisher’s websites/books the Scientific Method of examination is fully explained.

“Personal interpretation [of] ancient written words” would be a grey area indeed.
In contrast for example, I utilized: a French to English dictionary for the works of Nostradamus; the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons in Strong’s Concordance for the primary original meanings and contexts of the Old English words in the Bible; and Sir Alan Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar book* for the Egyptian glyphs**.
So many of the interpretations/meanings of words are from scholars more educated than myself.

*Apparently, not all egyptologists agree with Gardiner’s interpretaion/meanings of certain glyphs.

**My investigation found that: many glyphs were mistranscribed, therefore the original glyph meaning has not been used; and other glyphs have been left out of the translation.

Question is if Pegg actually did go back in time. If not, then all we have is words, no?

What are these Egyptian glyphs? Scientific symbolics or divine “tongue”?

I have a divine Dutch glyph that proves time travel both ways 100 % all the time.
You can draw this in thousands of ways and it is always true.


Well, okay, your opinion won’t change what is in the papers, BUT, this is a discussion forum. Think of it as a party. You say, hey, I read a scientific paper. So, the people holding their cocktails say, oh, tell me about it. And you say that you read the papers and found they had a validation rate. They would say, oh, i need to freshen my drink.

Instead of standing alone at this party, how about saying how time travel was validated. Did they find something in the future then tell someone it would happen? Did they show a picture of the past then go back there, and appear in that picture? That would be interesting. I shouldn’t need to read the paper for you to describe that.

The link says, " some Historical Events from them noted and described." How hard would it be to give me one of those up front? Since it doesn’t, I can be reasonably sure there is a lot of useless information, then a cryptic description that can be discredited with some historical context.

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