Bet you've heard of Theia - but do you know about Moneta?

Been having more fun at Anton Petrov’s YouTube Channel.

He’s delivered a couple Oh Wow gut punches to me. Fun stuff he comes up with!

See, time flies and science marches on relentlessly, and before we realize it, it’s time to reconsider accepted notions in light of new evidence. I’ve had to rethink old understandings while learning a few new things about deep space - Then he really blew my mind with this little addition to Earth’s own very early history. I knew scientists weren’t altogether satisfied with the Theia hypothesis because certain aspects of Earth’s composition didn’t quite add up. Now it appears that scientists have found a way through their previous conundrum and while I’m sure it doesn’t answer all question it certainly does fill in some fascinating details.


What’s it all about, well we can start with the current answer:

https //www researchgate net/figure/A-cartoon-showing-the-time-dependent-probability-of-RNA-formation-following-the_fig3_340361549

also see

https //cen.acs org/physical-chemistry/geochemistry/Collision-Mars-sized-object-explain/97/i5