Okay. I found these weird crystals on the ground. I found a mountain of other things in the area also but they all have to deal with the crystals. Now, i had some reflective beads and a marble in my hand and was about to place the crystal in my palm as well when much to my suprise the marble moved. What happened? Whats going on???

I’ve never seen this physical behavior before. But what the crystals are is apparently time crystals. I am beyond confused. Please help.

Here’s a link:

You’re up to 10 views. Glad I could help.

That's literally not what i want to know. I'm not seeking views, i just want to know whats happening.

Have you tried asking a geologist?

These things are made of somw type of plastic. Like a resin or something. I read thatbharvard created these things…but i dont think that they ever published any experiments using them. In this experiment i simply rolled the marble towards the crystal and its trajectory was dramatically altered. I cant explain it.

You read that? Where? They are man made, but you can’t find someone who knows what they are? That makes no sense.


Ive written asking for correspondence

They’re manmade but noone produces them. Have you watched the video? That behavior is impossible. It defies logic. This is a serious issue.

So, earlier you said they didn’t publish. Why the sudden change?

They didn’t publish any experiments. Look, I am by profession an engineer but i make a living as a rocker. No nonsense, these things are real. I will do more experiments myself. So unless you have something meaningful to contribute lets quit the back n forth because that’s gonna get me real irritated real fast. The video was from my cell phone. I went to the store i found them at and they wouldn’t tell me where they came from. Its a long story man.

Anyway…this is only one of my observations. I will publish the next one soon. It’s of light coming from another dimension.

You said you found them on the ground! Now you just bought them?

They published in Nature in 2017

And YOU are irritated? You tried to create mystery. You failed.

Okay. You’re obviously illiterate. And i feel no need to entertain a moron. I get it you’re jealous. It’s okay. I’m going to keep doing science and you can keep being envious. :v:

And as i mentioned i found them. Then upon further investigation i found the source of the crystals…also the YAG laser attached to this mystery. Its…evil.

You’re being a fool while people are literally being enslaved by this thing. I dont think its very amusing. But you’re also not worth the energy of…just Please be helpful… If not fuck off.

It’s amusing that you’re a heckler…not really though. This is a state of emergency. I’m trying to feel upset but i can’t because i understand your point of view. I would maybe feel the same as you. However I’m not you. I live in downtown Los Angeles outside Skid Row and the people there are being enslaved by this evil thing. I want to stop it

I don’t think you understand how forums work. As the crowd said to Brian in “The Life of Brian”, “how shall we fuck off oh Lord?” I’m sitting here on a rainy 4th with not much else to do. You might want to check the forum rules, the admins are the ones who can rescind your account, otherwise, go ahead and keep ranting all you want.

You’ve now gone from “I’m confused” to “people are being enslaved by this thing”. I’m expecting something about a flat earth or that you are communicating with aliens next.

Well there’s your reason. You’re miserable and want everyone else to feel miserable with you. I don’t really give a damn about losing this account. I came for help not your bullshit. And to hell with the rules. I only seek help about the time crystal and an explanation about what’s going on. I understand you cant understand it and so you are afraid that it would break your logical structure. I feel the same. However you’re not much of a scientist if you dont at least attempt to experiment with the stone. I would send you one. I’ve got access to tons of them. It’s a 5 month investigation.

I am not clever enough to fake that video. I just want to help the people here.

If you have no idea how to explain this thats okay. I don’t know how to explain it either. I believe its creating a holographic reality though…and somehow “confusing” the light inside the marble…

You can hang around here and talk about whatever realities you want. This a skeptic forum and you should expect skepticism. There are lots of forums where you could find common ground. You already found where to get help, from the people who created the “time crystals”. But if you expect them to agree with you, instead of tell you what they did and what they found, well, that’s not really science. Science is when you look at the data and draw conclusions from it. You have made assumptions and want “help” confirming them.