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You speak of evidence. Can you give an example of this 86%-96% “validation”?
Take your best shot.

How about traveling back to the time when this car was 86% new and running?

I can make a claim that observing a distant object is a form of time-travel, but it is impossible to traverse that distance in any physical form.

Below is an observation and picture of a time past. Note that this object no longer exists at all. Can we go back in time and restore it to its original condition?

Remnants of extinct constellations

“You don’t have to look too far back in time to find star patterns that no longer exist”.
By Michael E. Bakich | Published: January 24, 2019

This extinct constellation is easy to form once you locate Aquila. You’ll want a dark site, however. The stars range in brightness from magnitude 3.2 Theta (θ) Aquilae to magnitude 5.2 Sigma (σ) Aql.
Astronomy: Richard Talcott and Roen Kelly

Yes, let’s restore the universe to its original form 10 billion years ago! All we need to do is ride the light beam back to its place and time of origin.

Wait, would it not take 10 billion years to traverse backward in time at SOL?

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What proof? You claim Pegg has found proof, but are you or Pegg able to produce any physical proof?
How far back into the past?
How was that verified?
Can it be repeated?

What about these Egyptian glyphs? Is that the evidence on which the claim rests?

My guess is that this glyph “$” is proof of book sales.

I have recently studied History and a little archaeology.

We got a big warning: very often people find what they are looking for, and see the sources through their preconceived ideas.


Exactly. History requires knowing what is going on around the time and place you are studying. Otherwise, it’s easy to look at something and assign a meaning that is based on current symbols, not languages of the time

Pegg did not go back in time. Nowhere has it been said that Pegg is a time traveller.

Some specific Egyptian glyphs are exact depictions of actual objects seen by them. In the case of many of the glyphs in the first 3 columns of the Papyrus of Ani (plate 1), they are drawings of computer parts (as revealed in the video).

My misunderstanding. I thought this would be a good place to announce and reveal new information (and provide links to futher reports) that, when examined, will finally destroy the foundations of Religions.
I expected interested people to view the video and come to a conclusion based upon the presented information - I did not foresee people questioning me as to why THEY should view the video (as I said, the title is obvious) !

To use a similar analogy to yours, at the party, instead of speaking, I showed a slide show [video] - you must have been freshening your drink at the time.
If this was the case, then you missed all of the information from the video. It tells what was taken back to the past, who was visited, where the computer tech taken back is documented in glyphs, what went wrong, how more trips back to the past were required, what they were shown, and that markers relating to what they were shown were placed in their personal chronicles (ie. ancient texts) - to be found (in over 30 ancient texts) at a much later date [and is the proof that Religions were spawned due to time travel encounters]

You are referring to the fourth item on Pegg’s list (of a total of 8 categories) of Proofs that the TPP webite mentions as how to evaluate the research and findings. An introduction [home] page of a website is a page that can introduce relevant topics as dot points. I do not expect it to provide the type of information you seek on that page, as later clear links take you to where that specific information (ie. Historical events) can be found. Your question should be directed to the webmaster of that website.

a. Yes. Pegg identified four (1990s) cd-roms that were taken back to the past. When their contents are compared to ancient descriptions, there is match. The physical proof for 10 Case Studies is shown during the Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group’s workshop. (see example in an upcoming separate post.)
b. during the past 5,000 years. ~ 3114 BCE to late 1800s CE.
c. specific known and dated ancient texts, describe a certain type of encounter. Pegg found them in over 30 ancient texts/myths/legends. I have scrutinized and validated those accounts, and to date I have written individual reports on 18 of them.
d. yes. At the workshop, and if you own a copy of those cd-roms. (There is also an online workshop.)
e. no, the Papyrus of Ani example is just one of several Egyptian accounts that describe these encounters. Pegg’s claim is based upon over 30 other ancient texts/myths/legends. Proof includes documented firsthand accounts of:

  • Encounters with the time-visitors;
  • Computer Technology being depicted and described;
  • Imagery from the Data Disks being documented; plus
  • some Historical Events from them noted and described.

One of the examples stated in the Video (at 5:18) is ‘Ezekiel describes this temple [picture shown] from this disk [picture shown]’.
Ezekiel’s account is the most comprehensive example. I have done two studies on it:

  1. The written conclusion from my report entitled ‘Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - Ezekiel’ states “The Old Testament’s Book of Ezekiel contains an account regarding an encounter (somehow) with a human male time traveller who, using a computer’s mouse in hand, showed the author of the Book of Ezekiel certain pictures from the Etruscan section of the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom that was held in a plastic jewel case and run on a mid 1990s desktop PC 386 (or 486) computer (or similar) that contained a cd-drive and a 3.5 inch floppy drive.”

  2. My Paper #3 tested whether 80 descriptions from the Book of Ezekiel match to the contents and imagery from the cited cd-rom. The Result:
    “A sequence of: thirteen descriptions from four generally consecutive verses; four from two consecutive verses; six from two verses; and fifty seven from twenty four mostly consecutive verses were compared.
    Result: a 100% positive outcome was achieved on two levels.
    23 out of 23 ancient descriptions matched to the test cd-rom’s pictures and imagery.
    57 out of 57 ancient specifically documented measurements of a temple exactly matched to the measurements of a Temple depicted on the test cd-rom.”

Due to space restrictions, the paper only examined 80 of the over 400 descriptions by Ezekiel.
In the book: a selection of Ten Chapters from the Book of Ezekiel were studied and evaluated; 166 Verses were examined; with 405 matches to the contents from the Ancients cd-rom being found and identified.
But I can hear you mumbling ‘these are only words’.
I was asked to host public workshops for PPHC Study Group in order to show where ancient people describe the contents of a modern data disk. One of the seven examples was Ezekiel’s encounter.
My [old] workshop video presents some of those pictures and where they are described by Ezekiel
The temple being measured is from the 6:15 mark.

Oh, that is precious.
The time traveler had possession of a cd-rom in a plastic jewel case and ran it on a mid-1990 desktop PC powered by an Intel 386 (486) microchip computer with a 3.5 floppy drive.

He had stolen the computer when he visited the earth circa 1990.
Interestingly, there never was mention of the electric generator to run the computer.

But it was a magical spectacle, a tale that found its way several thousand years later into the bible placing the event @ 600 BC.

Intel 386 processor, made by the Intel Corporation, United States, 1985.

By the mid-1980s the major microchip producer Intel was squeezing more than 100 times more computing power into their microprocessors for personal computers than they had managed to fit into their first commercial chip, the 4004. The Intel 386 was released for sale in 1985, featuring 275,000 transistors. The 32-bit chip was used in some of the most advanced mobile phones of the time, including the influential Nokia 9000 Communicator.
Intel 386 microprocessor, 1985 | Science Museum Group Collection

I have an even better tale. It was a time traveler who taught the Egyptians to use “pi” in their building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


In ancient Greece the letters of the alphabet did double duty as numbers, with " = 1
$ = 2 and so forth. Consequently, each Greek word could be represented by the sum of the number values of its letters. The most familiar example of gematria is Revelations 13:18: “This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, its number being six hundred and sixty-six.” These two values of pi come from two Pythagorean (Fideler, 1993) diagrams. In the first, the circumference of a circle is assigned a length of 1000 units and the diameter is designated “Helios” (=318); in the second, the circumference is designated “Ouranos” (=891) and the diameter “Theos” (=284). Ancient gnostic Christians used similar diagrams to teach initiates about the cosmic order.

Do you know how the Egyptians came to use pi? They used a trundle wheel to measure the base of the pyramids.
Presto, using a circular object naturally invokes “pi”.

You may want to consult : SAB Ezekiel 40

Thing is, everyone has only so much time in their life. I’ve given you quite a lot, based on your outrageous claim. You believe that text, pictures of disks are sufficient evidence. I can’t figure out why you believe that.

Ancient writings can be difficult to date, so someone can pretend to predict the future when really they live after the events they are writing abut.

Thanks for the time stamp.

Only 6?

Only 18 case studies? Seems like a small sample. Actual research studies would include more than that. True research has a standard system, called “scientific method”. I don’t see any of that here. In fact, I’m not even sure I can call what you’re talking about “pseudo-science”.

Most ancient texts are nothing more than Aesop’s Fables.

You can’t do that. It is not possible. Besides, some of us wouldn’t want to travel back in time, because, if it were possible, one would have to avoid changing the timeline, and add to that, if one was Black or Native American, they could find themselves in a life-threatening situation, such as slavery or The Trail of Tears or even a Carlisle School. That would not be time travel I’d want.

Oh yeah, traveling to a Rez is a form of time travel. I don’t think so, because the Rez in the past didn’t have their own police officers or health clinics ran by N.A. Your theories don’t hold water. I don’t see who would want to do that, if it were possible.

ROFLMAO! Oh this is too funny. I have a cartoon picture in my head. We may have more luck boomeranging around the sun, like the Enterprise crew did in Voyage Home and maybe even a Borg conduit, like in First Contact. Such theories are nothing more than SciFi.

New pseudo-science info? No, this is the worst place to announce new pseudo-science info.

Taking modern tech back to the past would more than likely destroy the present time line, especially if people from the past got their hands on it. Secondly, IF humans were to travel to the past or even the future, I’d think it could cause more physical changes to the body than travelling to the moon. Thirdly, we can go back to the question “Who would want to, knowing what we know of the past?” I don’t think even a Jew would want to go back to WWII.

SMH. Yes, Ezekiel did see the wheel, but it was nothing more than the sun. I see no where in Ezekiel where there was a plastic jewel case, with a floppy disc in it. The biggest problem is with the paragraph is that it doesn’t talk about past computer technology correctly. It’s a floppy disc and the drive is what you put the disc into.

I’m with Lausten on this one. I don’t know why we’ve given you so time to spew your outrageous claims.

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But you haven’t done that !

Riddle games aren’t revealing.

Okay so clarify what it is you (or Pegg) are claiming, loose ends leave people to draw their own conclusions.

Yes, I imagined the same cartoon…

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That’s a hard lesson for some of our visitors. Eddy has been a member for a while, but it doesn’t seem he reads other threads, or isn’t absorbing them if he does.

It is a curious dilemma between theory and practice.
In a mathematical universe, time travel can be calculated. The problem is that in a dynamic (chaotic) universe it is physically not permitted to undo a change in spacetime coordinates of the entire universe.

Time is a one-way street.

That sounds about right.

That maybe true, if it were possible, but you forget the human factor. If humans can screw things up, they will.

Anyone who has read the OP, read the text on the OP’s picture, viewed the Video, and examined the website information should have no doubt as to what Ronald Pegg says he has discovered.

For those who have not, here is a brief clarification…
During a seven year period of investigations, Ronald Pegg found over 30 examples of encounters with human time travellers (and the computer tech and data disks they took back with them) documented and/or described in over 30 ancient accounts[1], from over 10 countries, during the past 5,000 years.

  1. the video states 12 examples of who, when, and what they saw/were told from the data disks; 2 examples of computer tech being depicted.

His presented evidence includes documented firsthand accounts of:
Encounters with the time-visitors;
Computer Technology being depicted and described;
Imagery from the Data Disks being documented;
some Historical and Astronomical Events from the Data disks being noted and described;
[plus extra modern Religious, Historical, and certain 1991 Persian Gulf War events being noted and described; plus where two people working on the E.L.S. Bible Code are named in the Bible].

The linked website provides further proof including:
where a disk itself has been noted and described (5 examples);
where the same two disks are noted and/or described (4 examples); and
provides links to Study Options that include 6 Papers (at preprint) and over 20 eReports.

Pegg’s original research can be found in his series of 20 Booklets.
Since 2003 I have been reexamining Pegg’s works.
I am not claiming - I am stating that 18 of his Case Studies (that I have personally examined) validate (with my eReports presenting the evidence), and that Pegg’s time travel back to the past claim is correct.

The publisher of our works is making the proof available via their online websites. It is not up to me to spoon feed anyone each piece of evidence (especially when they do not view nor read what is being shown) - as there is just so much !

I was just in Omarau, NZ, Steampunk headquarters. They had several machines on display describing discoveries made via time travel

I knew what he said from the start. I had no reason to go any further to know his data did not support his conclusions.

Thank you. Basic report. The same thing we ask from scientist or a grade schooler.

Absolutely key phrase. What i was looking for from post #1. It’s your opinion/statement. You are a gentleman. Please come here and state whatever you want, anytime.

This however, totally unnecessary. It adds nothing to the conversation. I never asked you to read Stephen Hawking did I? I drop bread crumbs, you can pick them up if you like and ask questions. I’m available at odd hours. If I’m not in the office, I’m not there. If you see me somewhere else wait until I’m in the office to let me know.

I have read some of the “evidence” and I am sorry to say that an ancient drawings of circular objects is NOT proof of a computer disk but merely representative of the observation of naturally occurring circular objects like the sun or the moon.

Or a trundle wheel, which is a round object with a hole in its center and when you use it reveals the power of the mathematics of “pi”.

The wheel was invented long before the Egyptians refined it and used it for measuring.

One can claim that all ancient representations of circular objects with a central hole were symbolic of the wheel that was being used for travel and transport of worldly goods, but not necessarily of time travel.


The invention of the solid wooden disk wheel falls into the late Neolithic, and may be seen in conjunction with other technological advances that gave rise to the early Bronze Age. This implies the passage of several wheelless millennia even after the invention of agriculture and of pottery, during the Aceramic Neolithic.

This Ljubljana Marshes Wheel with axle is the oldest wooden wheel yet discovered dating to Copper Age (c. 3,130 BCE)

The Halaf culture of 6500–5100 BCE is sometimes credited with the earliest depiction of a wheeled vehicle, but this is doubtful as there is no evidence of Halafians using either wheeled vehicles or even pottery wheels.[13] Precursors of pottery wheels, known as “tournettes” or “slow wheels”, were known in the Middle East by the 5th millennium BCE. One of the earliest examples was discovered at Tepe Pardis, Iran, and dated to 5200–4700 BCE. These were made of stone or clay and secured to the ground with a peg in the center, but required significant effort to turn.

True potter’s wheels, which are freely-spinning and have a wheel and axle mechanism, were developed in Mesopotamia (Iraq) by 4200–4000 BCE.[14] The oldest surviving example, which was found in Ur (modern day Iraq), dates to approximately 3100 BCE.[15] Wheels of uncertain dates have also been found in the Indus Valley civilization, a 4th millennium BCE civilization covering areas of present-day India and Pakistan.[16]

And in addition to glyphs of circular objects in connection with travel and transport, there are finds of actual functional wheels during those times.

I am willing to bet that there is not a single computer disk found in any of the archeological sites in the world.

The Pegg project is founded on an unwarranted and unsubstantiated presumption of time-travel and all “proofs” are based on the discovery of circular glyphs in connection with “transport” in general, not time travel.

Note that interested persons are required to buy the 20+ project publications, rather than a single compilation.

For a moment you had my attention, but you’ll need more than this to even deliver any evidence of any drastic improvements of any future scientific knowledge during those times.

Pegg’s use of the bible and prophesies cannot be counted as science as they lack any kind of specificity and can be applied to a range of possible interpretations.

Please note that whereas most religions have some common denominators, all are exclusive of each other and that does not support the notion of time travel at all, unless the universe is teeming with unrelated intelligent alien life, each with their own CD disk and 386 based computer. (btw. Do you know how primitive the 386 chip is compared to the current research in quantum computers and AI )
A 386 chip is not going to get you TIME TRAVEL.

But a wheel is one of the six universal machines which were slowly being discovered and used for practical purposes.

A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force.[1] In general, they can be defined as the simplest mechanisms that use mechanical advantage (also called leverage) to multiply force.[2] Usually the term refers to the six classical simple machines that were defined by Renaissance scientists:[3][4][5]


and the uses of “Mechanical Advantage”

Mechanical advantage is a measure of the force amplification achieved by using a tool, mechanical device or machine system. The device trades off input forces against movement to obtain a desired amplification in the output force.

The model for this is the law of the lever. Machine components designed to manage forces and movement in this way are called mechanisms.[1] An ideal mechanism transmits power without adding to or subtracting from it. This means the ideal machine does not include a power source, is frictionless, and is constructed from rigid bodies that do not deflect or wear. The performance of a real system relative to this ideal is expressed in terms of efficiency factors that take into account departures from the ideal.

To clarify - NO. Time Travel Back to the Past was the final CONCLUSION based upon over 30 ancient accounts depicting and/or describing the various 8 main Finding Categories.

I assume you are referring to the Egyptian “glyph” from the Papyrus of Ani investigation (and possibly from the second video on the website).
To clarify - NO. That investigation was mine from 2005, as Pegg had already established (1996-2002) that over 30 firsthand accounts document either:
Encounters with the time-visitors;
Computer Technology being depicted and described;
Imagery from the Data Disks being documented;
some Historical and Astronomical Events from the Data disks being noted and described;
extra modern Religious, Historical, and certain 1991 Persian Gulf War events being noted and described;
and where two people working on the E.L.S. Bible Code are named in the Bible.

Yes, the conclusion was based on a presumption and the facts were made to fit the presumption as a conclusion.
But none of the “evidence” is applicable only to a conclusion of time travel.

My example of the wheel as the regularly occurring glyphs is just as valid, but much more probable in any description of “travel” in those times than the convoluted idea of a cd disk retrieved from the future, to be played on a 386 computer at a time when there was no electricity to demonstrate the power of computing.

The 8 main Finding Categories? Is that a scientific term?

And Pegg proposes that these finding categories can only lead to the CONCLUSION of time travelers who came down to show what might lie in the future and at the same time were also responsible for the Egyptian hieroglyphs and also wrote the incorrect mythology of the OT?

Seems that knowledgeable alien visitors could have done better than the legacy they left.

IMHO, this is just another myth based on the mathematical properties of spacetime,
just like the proposal that the universe was created via “intelligent design”.