The new theory of the purpose of evolution and natural selection.

Very urgent and very important
Please deliver this book to Mr. Richard Dawkins promptly.
Hello dear researchers and scholars.
I apologize for disturbing your honorable time.
I am Mohammad Yousef Arbab.
I accept Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection.
But I found a new theory, which responds better to all the different functions of evolution and the mechanism of natural selection and the purpose of human life. I prove that the evolution and mechanism of natural selection has a specific purpose.
I worked on my theory for many years.
I accept Darwin’s theory of evolution. I have only basic and better interpretations of all the behaviors of organisms and evolutionary events.
It is very important that you consider it. When Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection was published, some people and scientists at the time did not accept it. Why ? Because no one understood Darwin’s theory of evolution very well. Some of you may now have the same doubts and rejections about my new theory of evolution.
We say that my theory is so important that it can interpret Darwin’s theory of evolution and all theories of biology and the evolution of organisms and natural selection and the theory of natural selection based on genes, the theory of psychology and sociology and philosophy. A new interpretation that is more realistic, more scientific, and much more accurate. My new theory of evolution is based on scientific observations and conclusions.
I am sending you the book The New Theory of Evolution.
Please take a closer look at this theory. I have been asked by the publishers to introduce scientists who agree with this new theory. Because it is difficult to publish it in publications without the opinions of scientists. If you agree with this new theory, please send me your comments.

Please help me.
Please guide me.
If you are a university professor, discuss this book and theory with professors, researchers, and students.
This new theory needs to be studied, analyzed and researched. I use your criticism and comments to find out my mistakes. I want to know sooner whether I am in ignorance or not?
Did I discover a revolutionary theory about the purpose of human life and organisms and the main purpose of evolution and the mechanism of natural selection?
Can you examine and analyze this new theory of my evolution?
Please guide me to where to send this theory and book for analysis and review. This new theory of evolution could revolutionize theories of evolution, natural selection, psychology, and sociology and philosophy.
This book has not been officially published yet.
I am sending this book to you for review and analysis.
Please protect my rights as a writer. Any copying or misuse is prohibited and prosecuted.

I am waiting for your useful comments, suggestions and criticisms. Let me know your valuable comments, suggestions and criticisms as soon as possible.

Mohammad Yousef Arbab
thank you so much.

I didn’t read this post after the first few lines. No one here “delivers” things to Richard Dawkins. I’m sure he gets requests to read things all the time and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t respond. CFI and Richard Dawkins Foundation merged, but that doesn’t mean he reads this forum.


Can you examine and analyze this new theory of my evolution?
Can't be done if you don't share your theory.
I am sending this book to you for review and analysis.
All we see is a comment, on a thread, in a discussion group.
Did I discover a revolutionary theory about the purpose of human life and organisms and the main purpose of evolution and the mechanism of natural selection?
Can you summarize your hypothesis?


Couldn’t anyone “discover a revolutionary theory”? After all, it’s just a theory.

Yes, but at some point you have to publicize it. Else how can you get peer review.
Moreover, I am always hesitant when the “author” wants to reserve rights, suggesting a financial aspect rather than shared “knowledge”. Authorship is established with publication or mailing a copy to oneself via registered mail.

Can you clarify that statement?

Science considers Evolution via Natural Selection to be a stochastic process where small genetic mutations result in minor changes in physical abilities. When those abilities offer a survival advantage the individual has a better chance of survival and procreation. But there are instances where a great calamity produces emergent potentials which were responsible for sudden drastic changes in the environment.

Note that only a very small percentage of mutations result in beneficial adaption and the greater percentage results in failure to thrive and procreate (end of the line).

Hence my hesitation to accept the notion that evolution via natural selection has a purposeful causal agency rather than just another probabilistic process.

Note that natural selection has no specific method or target goal. The selection of advantageous properties is a mathematically probabilistic process.

In the far past there was an instance where a meteor impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, except for some small hardy specimen and insects. That was a totally random natural selection event that had no purpose other than that the earth was in the path of the meteor.

No one placed the earth in the meteor’s path or threw a big rock at the earth to kill the dinosaurs. It was a random event that may have begun a billion years ago in deep space.

Another example ;
The creation of the moon was an evolutionary event via natural selection in the solar system when another small planet (Theia) impacted the earth and sheared a portion from the earth’s surface which became our moon,.

There is even a possibility that this event might have been instrumental to the evolution (abiogenesis) of life on earth in that Theia may have deposited vast amounts of water on earth and thereby adding an essential ingredient to the formation of biochemical molecules and making abiogenesis possible.

You’re thinking of “hypothesis” or maybe just “speculation”. A theory has data and evidence to support it. It can be used to make predictions that can be further tested, adding to the evidence.

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That is exactly what Darwin did. He “discovered” that even in same species there was physical adaption to the prevailing environment. Logic then presented the idea that this was a natural process of evolution by natural selection that happens gradually over time because even small adaptions offer a survival advantage and a chance to produce offspring.

A dark skinned animal on dark rocks is harder to spot than a light skinned animal on dark rocks . OTOH a dark skinned animal is easier to spot in snow than a light skinned animal. One adaption helps in survival the other results in extinction.

In humans we can see this also. We all came from the same ancestor hominid , but as humans spread over the globe, the various environment gradually created the physical differences we see today.

Dark skin is an adaption to predominantly sunny environments, where dark skin offers greater protection from UV rays that cause cancer and often kills you before you have a chance to procreate.

While I don’t know what advantage pink skin offers, fact is that many species in polar regions have light complexion. Polar Bears, Foxes, Hares even have adapted to turn white along with the Northern seasons.

7 Animals That Turn White in Winter

Northern people just turned permanently light skinned . Peoples in moderate climates turned a beautiful golden. People in tropical regions remained dark skinned.

Racial features are always long term adaptions to the environment. Crowded conditions such as on islands like Japan keep physical properties small . Plains people tend to be tall.

When you start observing and asking why things in nature always seem to be adapted to their environment, the answer is “they are adapted to the environment” via natural selection.

There is no mysterious agency that creates living things as they appear now. All species and variations within species are evolved adaptions that offered some survival advantage in a specific environment.

Evolution does not have a purpose per se. It is a result of natural selection for adapted survival advantages over long periods of time.

Most major mutations are detrimental to survival and tend to go extinct. But occasionally a beneficial mutation may offer a large survival advantage and that species becomes a “dominant” species.

Humans seem to be a result of a large beneficial mutation that caused the split of humans from the common ape ancestor. Humans are the only ape with 23 pairs chromosomes. All other apes have 24 pairs. But in both cases, the chromosomes themselves have identical parts. Two parts just fused together and IMO, that is what caused the growth of a large more complex brain and the beginning of a new species of great ape, while the original common ancestor species diversified into the other 4 families of great apes.

Human Chromosome 2 is a fusion of two ancestral chromosomes
Alec MacAndrew


All great apes apart from man have 24 pairs of chromosomes. There is therefore a hypothesis that the common ancestor of all great apes had 24 pairs of chromosomes and that the fusion of two of the ancestor’s chromosomes created chromosome 2 in humans. The evidence for this hypothesis is very strong.


Let us re-iterate what we find on human chromosome 2. Its centromere is at the same place as the chimpanzee chromosome 2p as determined by sequence similarity. Even more telling is the fact that on the 2q arm of the human chromosome 2 is the unmistakable remains of the original chromosome centromere of the common ancestor of human and chimp 2q chromosome, at the same position as the chimp 2q centromere (this structure in humans no longer acts as a centromere for chromosome

  1. Conclusion

The evidence that human chromosome 2 is a fusion of two of the common ancestor’s chromosomes is overwhelming.

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Mr. Arbab,

Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection is an accepted system of evolution for the nature and natural evolution. From what I have learned, is that domestication caused an unnatural path of evolution about 12,000 years ago. All the domesticated food and animals including humans are of the domestication evolution. Hardly any studies on domestication evolution. The longest on-going study is on chickens at the university of Pennsylvania. The natural mutations for chickens in Darwin theory happens over thousands of years. But happen several times at the university in fifty years. It seems that nature did not protect the natural mutations from the domestication process and the phenotype is more active with domestication. More work needs to be done on domesticated plants and animals with genotype research as far as the evolution that has already taken place. To get the public interested in the domestication affects.

I agree with citizenschallengev3 that you need to summarize your work so that we know enough to make comments of help.

Best of luck

This is actually well known within anthropology. Mike just twists the words so it’s hard to find the correct ones. There is only evolution, not two kinds of it. Humans are part of nature, so how we affect it is natural. I’m too busy, and my internet is not working well enough for me to provide links right now

First, all evolution by selection is always for desirable survival traits.

This selection is done by nature over long periods of time where each generation has a small survival advantages and passes that on to their offspring. This is a stochastic process but effective in the long run, judging by the incredible variety of species and variety within species. No one can claim evolution by natural selection is in want of success. Humans are the product of evolution by natural selection. No mean feat.

The other is done by artificial (human) selection , which is a targeted type of selection not necessarily for survival advantages but for production of more milk or meat for human consumption or for desirable qualities in pets.
A toy poodle is a cute animal but wholly dependent on human care.

As you can see these two paths lead to diametrically opposed end results.

Yes, you are the first person on this site to logically put together two paths in evolution in a decade of bringing up the subject. That’s great. Way to go.

Thank you.

p.s. humans are not the only animal practicing husbandry or horticulture .
Insects like herder ants have long herded aphids for nectar production. They milk the aphids by stroking their back.

Ants farming aphids | icefront-DepositPhotos

Termites cultivate underground fungus gardens that feed the entire hive. Some termites spend all their lives in the hive and never see the light of day.

Fungus-cultivating termites foster subterranean fungus gardens that support aboveground plants.

Honeybees and other pollinating insects are the greatest gardeners . They cultivate about 75% of the worlds food supply. Honeybees alone are responsible for about one third of the world’s food supply. I consider bees to be a sacred animal to cherished and protected at all cost.

In China the bees have been disappearing and in many areas they now must pollinate fruit trees by hand (feathers dipped in pollen). It takes a crew of several persons pollinating each flower in an orchard of fruit trees a week, what honeybees can do in one day.

I think this is just semantics. I haven’t ever heard of “paths”. I have heard of domestication, and Mike doesn’t use that term correctly

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I was speaking in his dialect… :shushing_face:

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I may not. I went to anthropology and found they are still in the flat earth mode. White skin people came about from the lack of vitamin D caused by less sun light. Charles Darwin was already pass that point. Got to stick to logic.

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