The new theory of the purpose of evolution and natural selection.

You toss out such odd sentences. What is that trying to say?
Rather than leaving it to my guesses, don’t suppose you can add any detail to that?

What are you claiming?

What evidence helped you arrive at that claim?

What the heck does Darwin have to do with it?

What “point” is it that Darwin passed?

Logic leads many astray (as your wildly inaccurate climate musings demonstrate) you got to stick to evidence and (“good faith”) learning by accumulating more evidence.

This can be seen today with the difference between common Chimps and Bonobos.

Both were tested to see if chimpanzees can function cooperatively.

The Bonobos ( matriarchy) far outperformed the Common Chimps (patriarchy) by a mile.
They finished the cooperation test with the matriarch in charge long before before the common chimps stopped quibbling who was in charge at all.

Darwin claimed that domesticated breeding of animals made the domesticated animals more lacking in intelligence and more achromatic.

I doubt that very much. I’ll need to see that in print.
It completely depends on the selection and breeding of specific qualities.

The Border Collie dog is an extremely intelligent dog and its colorings are a result of breeding several breeds for their separate qualities into one dog.

OTOH The Dutch Friese Holstein cow was bred for milk production and gentle temperament,

It always comes down to selection , be it natural selection or artificial selection.

If you select and breed for specific advantageous qualities that’s what you will get.

Was mankind selected and breed for specific qualities?

Well yes, like all creatures, our environmental conditions selected and “breed” humans according to the immediate pressures of the moment.

But it was a culling process, some survived because they coped better, others didn’t. The surviving creatures (and species) were better adapted, until conditions once again changed, then it got more complicated.

Meaning it wasn’t a breeding with forethought, Earth does breeding through attrition.

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I agree. Less adapted individuals did not survive to breed. Hence the more adapted individuals survived to procreate and establish their genes in the gene pool.

This is a process where small beneficial mutations in the genes gradually create more desired adaptations over time. This is why the complete definition is “evolution via natural selection”.

As to man, it is my opinion that man is a result of a single large beneficial mutation, i.e. the fusion of two separated chromosomes into one single larger chromosomes that produced an accelerated growth in the hominid brain of a common ancestor.

Human Chromosome 2 is a fusion of two ancestral chromosomes
Alec MacAndrew


All great apes apart from man have 24 pairs of chromosomes. There is therefore a hypothesis that the common ancestor of all great apes had 24 pairs of chromosomes and that the fusion of two of the ancestor’s chromosomes created chromosome 2 in humans. The evidence for this hypothesis is very strong.


Let us re-iterate what we find on human chromosome 2. Its centromere is at the same place as the chimpanzee chromosome 2p as determined by sequence similarity. Even more telling is the fact that on the 2q arm of the human chromosome 2 is the unmistakable remains of the original chromosome centromere of the common ancestor of human and chimp 2q chromosome, at the same position as the chimp 2q centromere (this structure in humans no longer acts as a centromere for chromosome 2.


The evidence that human chromosome 2 is a fusion of two of the common ancestor’s chromosomes is overwhelming.
Chromosome fusion

It is my opinion that this first generation of large brained hominids were able to formulate questions about their relationship to the environment, including the concept of unseen but powerful warring “skybeings” that caused loud noises (thunder), fire (lightning), water (rain), huffing and puffing (wind) and the concept of gods .

That is why Thor (by any other name) is one of the oldest gods in existence. He is the god who controls the weather.


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