Humanist Trilogy

The Humanist Trilogy is literally your biological self
Your Brain
Your DNA
The cells of Your body

Here we go, seems to me another example of the Abrahamic Mindset in action, that is, so consumed by its self-serving egocentrism, that it’s blind to the rest of reality.

Our biological self is nothing without this Earth and the natural processes from which we were created as creatures that are in constant interaction and interchange (breathing, eating, pooping, pissing and such) with it’s environment.

Our consciousness is not a thing - it is the inside reflection of our body and brain interacting with itself and the outside environment and circumstances.
Consciousness is an action.

And we humans are self-aware creatures like none other, too bad we failed our humanist test by never getting outside of our own wants and needs.

We can’t understand any organism without also understanding it’s environment and that includes ourselves.

Sorry, Mr. Citizen. I was referring to DNA. As far as I know, everything from potatoes to puppies is made from DNA.

Are you saying our DNA is all there is to us being human?

So what’s this Humanist Trilogy about beyond our own biology, or is that all there is?

I commented here just because I’m trying to figure out what the post is supposed to be about.

Also why is our Evolutionary heritage is so seldom included in this “humanist” discussion?

Why we can talk about humans so much, without ever connecting us to our evolutionary journey and what that journey might tell ourselves?

Write, this inability to incorporate Evolutionary reality into our philosophizing is another one of those ‘tells’ for the Abrahamic Mindset that’s too wrapped up in its own desires and needs to acknowledge what’s beyond our sphere.

I think there is far more to being human than just DNA. While it’s nice to discuss the similarities we have with other animals, including some emotions, like mourning, love, etc, there’s still more to the human animal than just that. Great works of fiction and other forms of writing- other animals can’t do that. Science and other research, medicine- if it weren’t for us humans who love and care about our pets, their life wouldn’t be as long as it is. The list goes on and on.

mriana, what you think doesn’t matter

chances are if you don’t understand that our genome of DNA tells the story of our evolutionary journey you are not qualified to comment

Thought I was done here, but pointpath why you gotta be a creep?

Do you think “what you think” matters?
Do you think splashing a rather silly poster up there, without comment, is an act of profundity?

Oh yeah, it’s relative.

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Mr, Citizen, you have been stuck in the cobwebs of mindset for years. It is normal for an unaware person like yourself to have trouble with comprehension when conversing with a totally aware or naturally woke person such as myself.

I fully understand that and I do understand full well that we have a common ancestor with other apes and we also share similar DNA with other species. In fact, just a little tweaking of your DNA and you could have been another creature- maybe an ape or maybe a cat, but nonetheless we all are animals. I also know that we share emotions with elephants, so don’t tell me what I have to say does not matter.

And on that note, you receive your first warning. Everyone has the right to comment on this forum in a civil manner as per rules, found in the FAQ section. Please read them and do take note, I am a mod. I can boot you off the forum if rule violations continue. If you cannot find the rule I am referring to in the rules, then I will kindly point out and explain the rule to you.

It is normal for an unaware person like yourself to have trouble with comprehension when conversing with a totally aware or naturally woke person such as myself.

That silly poster as you put it is my artwork. It is profundity.

Pointpath, will please read the rule in the FAQ section, specifically 3f. If you cannot follow the rules, I will ban you. As for woke, please review the DNA between humans and other animals. They are all our relations on this planet and I don’t think anyone can be more woke than that. I am also sick and tired of this word “woke”. It is getting old and worn and means nothing except to the person who demands we see the world their way and their way only. Try realizing that there are large groups of people who see other animals as part of our relations- distant cousins of varying degrees and we have the DNA science to prove it. Now, if I have to warn you again about your civility, it will be warning #2. Do you want 3 and a banning?

I know you are a mod here. You may also know that I am a member of CFI, do whatever you think is right. Being a judgemental mod doesn’t seem helpful.

mriana what is wrong with you?

I offer a simple mathematical trend line analysis of numbers from 0% to 100% as data points in time that we know represent the relationship between people of different colors. You can do the same thing for LGBTQ+ people and prove they have always been a statistical distribution in the human population for a couple of hundred thousand years. These human beings are as normal in their lifestyle as people who think they are normal in theirs.

When it was perfectly fine to buy and sell black people as sub-human, we give the time of slavery 10% for black-white relationships. We can use an average of polling data to determine black-white relationships now. Let’s use 60%, a trend line analysis beginning with 10%, and however many years to now is 60%, we can extrapolate data points for before slavery.

We found something we agree on. The word “woke” has been abused by underprivileged groups and the groups that want to keep them that way. It seems to come into play around religions.
I think the religions with a following are fine. But monotheism is a word that I think has been seriously abused. I don’t think of monotheism as a religion. I think of it as an anthology with one OmniGod, As wrong and misleading as monotheism is it has been “in the air” for many millennia from throughout the ancient ages to now, and it has become a spell over America. All humans need to awaken from the spell of monotheism; to be naturally woke.

Mr. Citizen, I am saying everything from potatoes to puppies is made from DNA. That is just a fact. Please feel free to add whatever you want to your personal genome.

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Monotheism means one god (Xianity, Judaism, Islam are examples) and polytheism more than one god (Hinduism is an example)

Most here have awaken from the spell of religion- all religions.

As a mod, I really do not care what my trust level is. The fact that I am a mod shows trust at the highest level, IMO. I did not raise your trust level though. The system did, but as a mod, I can knock it back down too, as well as lock it keep it there. Please do not persist with this behaviour. You were doing well up until that post.