The Morality of Incest

Before you get the wrong idea I am not arguing in favor of it at all. But when I revisited my objections to it I found that aside from the reproduction element there isn’t anything I can pin down against it. Assuming it’s consensual and everything like that (and said people don’t try to reproduce with each other) there doesn’t seem anything morally wrong about it. Can that really be right though? I mean I find it gross, but apparently gross isn’t a moral argument.

I think that it has too many ways of being complicated by power issues, for example, with the relative family power dynamics. It would be prone, I think, generally speaking, to creating interpersonal problems. Also, I think the sheer powerful element of sexuality, could become dysfunctional, potentially, when combined with the natural feelings one might have with family members.

But if you can find a way around all the potential problems, and you have attractive, age appropriate, relatives of the same mindset, then I suggest, have fun, responsibly.

But within the privacy of your own home.

Where is Jesus quoted saying he is against incest?

Many marriages in Jesus’ day would now be seen as incestuous—not only incestuous but child abuse and forced marriage. “Arranged” marriages were common. So was polygamy.

As I recall from Bible tales, we only hear about Jesus until he is, I think, around 12 yoa, and then nothing until he is around 30. So his prime high testosterone years, we don’t know what’s up with him. Who knows what kind of kinky stuff he might have been getting into during all that time?

I just think that even if I overlook at genetic argument, it just seems like a briar patch of psychological issues. Because, as you said, the power dynamic is there and you can’t really overlook that. It seems like something that would cause more harm than good, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Also I’m not sure how Jesus got brought up.

Jesus is always lurking as a potential topic on the forums.

The Bible does touch on incest a little bit, and it is wrong. Interestingly, in the same bit it actually okays betting so blind, stinking drunk two nights in a row that you don’t realize your own daughters are screwing you. Lot was, after all, the only person in 2 sinful cities worth saving. I highly doubt a man that good would immediately commit sin after sin right after being spared by God.

I saw an article a few months ago about a situation which actually addresses some of the concerns laid out here. There was a couple that was dating and was really in love, but then found out they had the same father or something. Or maybe they were both adopted by different people. At any rate, they found each other, fell in love, and then found out they were brother and sister. In the article, they were staying together anyway. In this case there was no “family dynamic” to consider.

Morality is all subjective. Even things like murder are completely subjective. Right leaning people see abortion as murder, left leaning people do not, for example (generally speaking). It’s considered “icky” by society, which we tend to conflate with “immorality”, but as long as nobody is being hurt I really can’t think of any real moral objection to it, even though I very much want to because it just seems like it is supposed to be immoral. But I suppose if you really think about it the only real moral objection to homosexuality was that it was “icky”. Unless it’s two girls, for some reason. Not sure why, yet I totally see it, so that’s a little messed up, I think.

There were probably times in human history, especially during hunter/gatherer days and days when small isolated groups of humans were the norm, that incest was quite common.

Darwin married his cousin.


Oh but he’s going to hell anyways so that don’t count ;-p)

Ok, listen. No one answered a question I presented on another thread a while back, about how the world could have been populated from the original 2 humans, Adam and Eve. But since then, I read somewhere that they had something like 20 sons and 13 daughters. So Eve was a hell of a brood mare. And there were plenty of males to father babies by the 13 daughters and Eve. Maybe Cain was a mother-f___er. He was a brother murderer, so mother and sister f___ing would have been no big deal. I’m basically saying that incest must have been rampant as it would have been the only alternative to grow population.

Or maybe that whole creation story is just complete bullsh!t.

Widdershins, homosexuality between attractive women is ok with hetero men because we know how nice it feels to hold and caress a pretty woman. How could we deny a pretty woman to have that feeling with another pretty woman? Now if they were ugly and man-ish, it would also be icky.

Now that sounds pretty disgusting to some, I imagine, but I think it is correct.