Hello all.
I was raised southern baptist , the ole fire and brimstone shoved at me since childhood. and While I find some points to be a very good thing for kids to hear and learn
such as showing compassion , and understanding what having morals means .
its up to the person to decide what to keep and what to throw out…
I have had christains invite me into their functions and be very good hosts and turn around to have some stranger tell me I am not a happy person just because I dont go to church.
all in all I would hope that each individual finds what they need to be happy and healthy , productive human being. I would never tell some one that the way they believe is wrong.
I have seen the good and some bad in religion , I choose to be responsible for my own actions , I have chosen to just be the human being I can be .
So I’ll add when I can and learn the other times . I really like the ideal of this movement / org .
Thank you for your welcome and have a grand night

Welcome Darrin,
You already exhibit superior morality by realizing that telling someone what they believe is wrong is only hurtful. It is also arrogant and just poor manners. Sadly, the religious that do this have convinced themselves that they are doing it out of love. I think they dismiss the good manners all people are capable of in favor of God’s appointing them to a superior role above others. It really is more about them, than any god or the person they profess to be helping.

Thank you for the Welcome , and I agree its outta their sense of doing good /Love
my first re-action was to spin a " how dare you presume " at them , but then I would be hurting and disrespecting my hosts.
lol I see that similar to getting mad at a blind person and hitting them … really unfair , when they can’t defend.
And to be fair , I dont just see them as being dumb , my father is a baptist minister at his church and while he personally doesn’t agree with my take on things
he would never be disrespectful to me and he also encourages me.

Oh one more little note to you Handydan,
christians feel the need to do good in gods eyes. They feel it will earn them passage or a place in heaven.
according to the gospel / bible - in the middle of all the blah, blah , blahs - it says they have already earned it .
they just need to give themselves permission to have/enjoy it.