The Mefitis Conspiracy | How Humanity Has Been Betrayed

I’m Remington Unger and I would hope you can watch my documentary. Just what is “The Mefitis Conspiracy”? It’s a look into the vast range of missing persons from the Highway of Tears to the National Parks. Tens of thousands of people go missing each year without a trace. The reasoning behind this, is the actions of a shadow Government group deep within the Nations of North America. In this documentary, you’ll hear a first hand account of just where these lost souls are going. Please, I ask for you to SHARE this movie, COMMENT / LIKE / SPREAD THE WORD. The more people who see this documentary the more attention this case can get. The more attention the families can get to finding they’re lost loved ones. Thank you. If you know someone who ran away or is currently missing or if you’ve seen someone that you believe is a runaway please contact The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST or in Canada call (604) 717-3321. SHARE/LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE this has to stop. Will you be the one that can stop it.