Pam Ragland gives a response to skeptics

Setting some facts straight (and lessons) about finding the missing Autistic boy Terry Smith… (part 1) July 16, 2013 by Pam Filed under Autism, Autism+ADD/ADHD, Current Events, Intuition, Shift-Planet, Thought Shifting Leave a Comment Many people are writing me, so glad for me being willing to speak out--which is sparking the conversation about using our intutiion. They are confessing they have had things like this too–visions, feeling, inklings–and ignored it. Some even about Terry… And, others are plain old skeptical, rude, and angry. Frankly, I don’t get anger or jealousy directed at me for finding a missing child… But, I do get anger he was not alive. My kids are that age, and it is a true tragedy all the way around. Yes, I used my intuition (and so did my daughter) to find Terry Smith--the fact of which has certainly polarized a lot of people. Not what I wanted. I just went there to help find what I hoped and prayed was a live boy very close in age to my own two kids. In that moment, the furthest thing from my mind was what others would say. But hey—fighting US Bank has made me pretty tough. Really, at this point, I don’t care what skeptics think. However, I do wonder though why on Earth people in the community would write lies like this one below. What is their motivation to lie? I don’t get it. After all, we live 1.5 hours away. We have never been to their town. I was busy getting ready for two court cases—one with US Bank I’ve been fighting for 5 years and is FINALLY going to a trial I’ve fought long and hard for, and another small claims where an ex Felon stole my rental deposit, and forced my family to live with Termite poop in our dishes and water cascading on our heads for months. Trust me—I wanted my justice in my own cases, one of which suffered due to me being in Menifee. I really wanted to finish my own work… but the powers that be had other plans. [LESSON—you are tougher than you realize. And, whatever you "think" your plans are--they are subject to change for a greater purpose.] When we first called the tip line, I resisted coming out even though I was asked twice to go to the command post. (This is on record folks, I am certain it is all recorded.) But, by Tuesday night I KNEW I had to go help find this boy. I finally “checked in" with my own guidance. I had not wanted to get involved—there were thousands of searchers and because I am busy (not only with those cases but I’m a single mom who supports us), I justified our help was not needed. But, I trust my intuition implicitly and there is no question, I had to go. And, I would have to end up admitting I’m intuitive. Really, it’s hard telling why that is at this point, but I really have the sense this is bigger than all of us. [LESSON—trust your intuition--not your logical mind or wishful thinking.] So, packing my family up after they got home late on Tuesday 7/10, we headed out there over 1.5 hours away. Using our experience helping the set of missing hikers in OC, I had my kids put their blankets & pillows in the car. We grabbed jackets, snacks, water bottles… I called a couple people to see if they lived anywhere near the area, in case we needed to spend the night and help again the next day. In fact, we were so unfamiliar with Menifee I thought it was near Victorville. (It is nowhere near Victorville!) [LESSON—When the message is clear, follow it. Regardless of fears or the outcome.] Again, we felt we were going to use our intution to find a live child. It may have been because I ignored the dread I felt more than once when tuning in to Terry–but nontheless that was the only reason I’d take my kids or frankly even go. I would not have felt my help would be useful, time sensitive, or needed otherwise. I would certainly not put my kids through that. We didn’t even arrive until 9:30 pm. It was pitch black other than the media lights at the store. By that time, though there were searchers there, most had gone home. I won’t recount the majority of details here (I did on Facebook a couple days ago–maybe I’ll post later.) I won’t answer the “skeptic" questions–because everyone knows they have no clue and would deny seeing a UFO if it landed in front of them. But, I will address a few lies from people claiming to “know". Here is one I’ll address directly (and I’m sure it’s a sampling of what all is there… I’m just not going to find out.) 1-FALSE: “A couple things the public doesn’t realize: 1) This “psychic" has had predictions about many cases around this area for a long time, and has been wrong every single time. The last one involved missing hikers in the area" TRUTH: We have never been “around their area" and we do not run around “making predictions". In fact, we are not even from their area-it takes about 1.5 hours with no traffic to get there. The closest we have ever been is at least 3 miles closer to the freeway, twice, at at friend’s. We helped with the missing OC hikers. Actually, mostly it was my daughter until the 3rd day when I finally realized I had to fess up I do this too, because my help was needed, as we receive different information. That was the first time we’ve ever helped, was in our own backyard so we had an interest in the area. In that case, we helped narrow the search, gave instructions to the hikers to indicate their location, the families thanked us, were grateful–and one even sent us a thank you note–and the media never really knew. So, this person who claims we were wrong “every single time" is simply making things up. In fact, we were right two out of two. I challenge this person who hides behind a fake name on a blog comment, to name all those cases. Go right ahead. And what reason could you possibly have to state as a fact something which is a lie? [LESSON---Be willing to help. Be willing to speak up about what you know. Be willing to say the truth, and be willing to call people on their lies.] 2-FALSE: “2) How did she “find" this body then? Well, everyone who was volunteering, by 3 days in, had an “intuition" that litte JuJu was on the property. But we were not let in to the property." TRUTH: When we got there, most of the searchers were gone. I did not know where Terry or his family lived, and neither did the Fireman. No one told us. Someone offered to take me by there when they learned I am intuitive, thinking I could get more information by doing that. But, I said “No, I don’t need to know that to get information, and I don’t need to know what other people said". So, although searchers may have suspected (it is awful easy to say that after the fact)–no one told us, we were not in the prior search, not from the area, and had no clue. I absolutely was not looking for a “body"–I was looking for a live child. (Again, by design.. because I would not have gone.) Since we were told by everyone he was lost, the LAST place I’d think he would be is at his home. It is just as well & by design I never knew it was his home, until hours after we were taken to the Command Center. Truthfully, my logical mind would have ruled that out. [LESSON--Do not let other people sway you, when you are using your intuition. Period.] Further, I had seen a “vision" of City Lights and heard the word “no" while driving. When the searchers wanted to search the city, I suddenly looked up, and saw that same vision and said “No, he is not there." I explained I am intuitive. I was asked “Well then where is he?" (a reasonable question.) I physically turned my body to face the store (at the volunteer area), and said “behind the store". I was discouraged and told “We have already searched there. Hundreds of people and horses have been back in that area." I insisted that is where he was, which is when Dave the off duty fireman offered to drive me around. So, not only did none of us (Dave included) realize it was Terry’s home. But, we were actually discouraged from searching where I had a sense he was. [LESSON—Trust your intuition, even if others discourage you.] This fake named person goes on to imply we broke into the property… This is getting long, so I’ll continue correcting these FALSE statements is another post, later. This way, the TRUTH instead of FALSE information is out there for all the world to see. What I am really hoping out of this is, a movement–which to me can only be done with a purple ribbon– to #ShineYourLight . (These hashtags work in both Twitter and Facebook, now.) In this way, we can honor the life of this innocent boy–and turn a tragedy into at least something that is not in vain. The truth is, the same light in me, and the same intuition in me–are within you. I shared this idea a couple times on Facebook. As I teach my clients–the fact I (and my family) are willing to speak up and admit the gifts we have (which everyone has–you may have just forgotten), allows you one of two reactions. You can either say “That is so cool, how do I get back in touch with my own gifts?" (In that case, check out this blog post…) Or, you can say “I am so mad they are showing the gifts they have, I don’t like it they are displaying their gifts, I don’t really know how to tap into mine–so I am going to try to bring you back down with me". Sorry, I will not allow your lack of trust in yourself to pull me down!
Its from her blog: I would like to know what you people think about it. I am skeptical about this whole stuff and her claims. Update: The JREF has responded to it: