The injustice of the universe we allow - Julius Fann, Jr

We can never know the passing of the moment, the moment never passes, it becomes synchronized in the disappearance of the personality of thee, me. and I. And the silence of our human voices, which are handcuffed in the belief the events of the world do not affect us, become the thunder of conviction of the injustice we allow to take place in our lives, and the lives of others which become the injustice of the universe we allow, by our human pride and ego, to run rampant by our indifference.
Silence of our lack of necessity for change to identify with our Soul is to do nothing with our willpower to make changes, which assures nothing will get done, nothing will change.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

Unless that source of strength is benign and productive.

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