The Ecologist: "Oppenheimer is the most powerful anti-nuclear film of the decade"

Oppenheimer will blow you away

The weapons fueled nuclear energy, including the uranium that today burns at Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia - with the latter apparently currently primed with explosives by the Russian occupiers of Ukraine.

Propagandised nonsense regurgitated. Apart from that sentence, a decent article. Looking forward to this film although I’ll reserve judgement till I see it. Not a fan of Nolan but if Murphy’s performance lives up to the hype, it’ll be worth watching for that reason alone.

Sadly the importance of the subject matter is lost on most of the media which has reduced the film to a competitor to the Barbie film in a money-making race at the box office. They’ve even come up with a word for it: Barbenheimer…

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gag me with a spoon

Ironically, my wife and I watched the trailer yesterday to Oppenheimer.
We can compare notes after the viewing.

As for Barbie, I’m not that into horror flicks and from what I saw of that trailer, it’s pretty horrifying, trump nation comes of age or something like that, seems to me. :wink:

*Apparently a WIKI has opened up a page, like six minutes ago. E gads. I feel sooo in the know now. Thanks for the heads up. :star_struck:

Can’t wait to see it. It’s completely feminist from what I hear

Do the double header, give us a review.

They are very far apart and not even remotely enough related to even call it Barbenhimer, which is stupid. The bomb was hardly a dizzy blonde. It was more like a serial killer, but in one go, and not one after the other.