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You know a while back Vyazma really slammed my good character with some outlandish bullshit.
From the substance of his comments, something about the cut’n paste nature of the thing got me to
thinking that he got his inspiration from stuff a couple angry bloggers have written about me.
I’m not one to take being pushed around that lightly, but I’m also a rational constructive pacifist and I certain don’t want to play their gutter game.
Here’s what I done].
Vyazma, I’d dedicate it to you but you’re in line behind Dave Burton, Jim Steele and a couple others.

Some of you from the long ago days, autumn 2011, may recall me alluding to my horse barn, er stable project,
not to be mistaken with the Loafing Shed in Corrales a couple years back.
Well, I’ve finally posted an iPhone video taken a week ago.
I’ll let that stand in as one of my character references :coolsmile: (OSHA approved eye protection)

Considering Character References http://citizenschallenge.blogspot.com/2016/05/considering-character-references.html I've come to learn that trying to push rational climate science understanding and Earth 'appreciation' dialogue with right-wing, faith-based types usually leads to a flood of misrepresentation, lies and slander towards honorable productive scientists, and for the messengers time squandering distractions and personal insults. For someone like me who dares go toe to toe with the contrived politically motivated echo-chamber claims, the attacks can get downright venomous. With angry imaginations unleashed, and genuine malice in their hearts, it get's intimidating. Particularly considering that infrastructure destroying and life disrupting and robbing extreme extreme-weather events, and their cascading consequence, are only going to keep on increasing and putting people, their resilience and cognitive dissonance to the test. Fearful, confused, yet with a deep seated sense of entitlement and an unrealistic self-certainty, right-wingers expect the promised land of their childhood fairytales. While the world around them is visibly crumbing they cling to ancient tribal understanding as though nothing has been learned these past millennia. Lacking any fundamental Earth understanding (in fact, seeming to resent it's nature) - nor the curiosity to learn about our Earth and its biosphere, with it's many life sustaining systems and how our complex society is dependent upon their good health - seems they have none of the prerequisites for understanding what scientists are trying to explain to them about what's unfolding upon our home planet. Such thoughts have been swimming in my head since taking on ncdave4life's first comment and dissected it over at WUWTW. Researching his next two deception laced comments and learning more about the man, I suspect I've got another round of ugly hits heading my way. It's gotten me thinking about what a regular joe, or pete, has to show for one's good character? After all, integrity, respect, honor are in the living, not in the talking about. Then it occurred to me that, "by their deeds they shall be known" as it happens nearly five years ago I built a little horse stable, that I'm fortunate enough to still live near, so I get to visit it on my walks with our dog that we've had about nine months. It is certainly a reflection of my skill, caring and integrity. My gal wanted the dog, but she's decided I'm her man. It has been a fascinating and fun, if time consuming, adventure for me, seeing as I've never actually "owned" and bonded with a dog and all that comes with it. All simple honest All American joys of being alive. All in all, in anticipation of future mud slinging I'd like to take a moment to share some home videos. First my horse stable, built with a helper for the hard two-manner stuff, but other than that, it's all my baby from planning, to purchasing materials, to building and now to occasionally taking shelter in. No great shakes, but even small projects deserve being built with care and pride. Then, my wild little dog. Okay, I'm showing off here - this past winter I had zero voice command over her, we've come pretty far ;-). Then, just for the fun of it a couple for bird fans.

gotta link for the videos