Ice on Fire

I just saw parts of this new movie “Ice on Fire”. It shows the data and evidence for a bleak outlook for us with regards to global warming and climate change AND it shows how we have the capacities for changing over to renewable energies, particularly solar and wind NOW and in a way that is competitive NOW and will become cheaper than fossil fuels in the near future, should we go that direction. AND we even NOW have technologies that can remove atmospheric CO2. AND a vast new renewable energy development is already producing jobs and will produce far MORE jobs than the fossil fuel industries should we go that direction, even tho we are NOW still producing MORE fossil fuels than ever before in history.

SO, in a nutshell, we collectively have a choice to either let the fossil fuel industries fade away while rapidly building the new energy infrastructure and even doing atmospheric CO2 capture AND push back global warming, OR we can be the last humans who could have saved the future, but didn’t.


The projection is that the world will end in 2050 unless something is done by that point. I would be around 50 some odd at that point. If I still live it should make for an interesting show.

No sir, the world probably won’t die from AGW by 2050. Civilization may be crumbling and the show will likely be more uncomfortable than interesting, unless an all out nuclear worldwide holocaust happens then or before. But the point is, it is possible NOW to change over to wind, solar, and other innovative renewables and it is possible NOW to begin building atmospheric carbon capture plants. Renewables are NOW capitalistically competitive (i.e. as profitable, more job producing) than fossil fuels. The obstruction is with the existing fossil fuels infrastructure that is now paid for (10’s of Trillions of $$'s worth). The exploiters do not want to give that up. So they keep getting to be wealthy at the expense of the future of humankind, or we CHANGE. We could actually reverse AGW if we had the collective will.

And I’m not talking about a world of scarcity, without burgers and air travel.