The Day the Music Burned

I won’t distract another thread with my musings, but …

I don’t blame you. I’m a U.S. citizen and I’m afraid of Americans.

A little throwback to the good old days of swinging blues.

Some music has changed for me due to other media. One song in particular is “Magic Carpet Ride” I will always see the movie Team America in my mind when I hear it and those dancing puppets will get me laughing so it not all bad. They are starting to rehash lots of great songs even in commercials which i think takes away from the music.

For me, it’s Star Trek: Next Generation movie First Contact. They played “Magic Carpet Ride” in that one too.

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I never though about that but your right LOl.

:slight_smile: I’m a lifelong Trekkie. I know more about Star Trek than I do about other movies and shows. lol

Here is another one by Streisand and Gibb;

And it is an extended version!!!

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I’ve always loved that song. From the first time I heard it on the radio when it was released and still do. :slight_smile:

An obscure little gem that is just pure poetic artistry

An all-time classic by Miles Davis.
Blue In Green

And another brilliant performance by Chet Baker

I guess I’m out of touch…
I’ve heard OF a number of the songs.
I have (maybe) heard, a handful of the songs.
I have heard of very few of the artists.
And I regularly listen to None of the artists.

There are only 80 songs in history that have been certified diamond — here they all are (

I wouldn’t miss a beat if they all burned. (the songs, not the artists)

However note:

if a song has moved at least 10 million equivalent units by combining sales and streaming numbers, and if an artist or label requests certification.

So it’s simply a marketing scheme.

This is another composition for music lovers. It’ll take you on a wonderful magical South American trip.

And no library would be complete without this romantic masterpiece/

Another masterpiece by Joni Mitchell

[Beatles - Give Peace A Chance - YouTube]

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And for sheer technical and improvisational brilliance: “Have You Heard”

wonderful Finnish contribution

And an Argentinian interpretation of Pat Metheny’s “First Cycle”