Doris day has died

Huffington post US, 14 may 2019.

Doris Day, America’s Darling and perpetual virgin (in her films) from the 1940’s onwards for decades, has died, at age 97.

A bit naff to say these days, but as kid I loved Doris Day. She had a bubbly personality and a smile you could probably see in the dark. Her films and music have not aged well, but I still watch the odd one from time-to -time, and enjoy them.

Below is a clip of Doris as an improbable “Calamity Jane” in the musical of the same name:


Below is a clip of Calamity Jane as portrayed by Robin Weigert, in “Deadwood” ,the series… I leave it to you to decide which one you like better:

WARNING: To say “coarse language” is to understate just a smidge



I liked Doris. But Que sera, sera. Tim Conway also just died. And with the rule re: great celebrities dying in groups of 3, Grumpy Cat also just died.

Yeah, I saw that about Grumpy Cat. Sad. Such a----CAT.

Tim, I found out she hated that song to. Though with time all the sweeties that loved it softened her up to it. Who was she to judge. :wink:

Being old enough to remember the Carol Burnet show, I can almost see a skit coming together with those three, right up there at the bar, with the western get up, and grumpy puts em all to shame.

Doris did have about as silky a voice as there was.

Regarding voices, just thought of this, would anyone out there agree that there’s some similarity with her voice and Karen Carpenter. Never thought about it before but just now trying to come up with memories of other voices I could compare her to, that’s what came up.

Yeah it would be cool to hear Doris Day sing one of the Carpenter songs, eg. “We’ve only just begun”.

"Regarding voices, just thought of this, would anyone out there agree that there’s some similarity with her voice and Karen Carpenter. "


I hadn’t thought of that. I think they were both contraltos, but that Karen Carpenter had a stronger lower register. Don’t know enough about music to know in which key each sang . Did Karen have a greater range?

Also, their singing styles were very different. Doris’ style was bubbly, even schmaltzy Doris began her career in the 1940’s and had pretty much finished selling a lot of records by the beginning of the 1960’s. The Carpenters were very much of their times too. Karen was born in 1950. They had their first hit in 1969.

I loved The Carpenters at the time. Had a lot of their albums. After Karen died, listening to her singing made me sad, so I gave away the (vinyl) albums.

Just the same, I’d be fascinated to see if Doris and Karen recorded any of the same songs.

Listen to Karen 'We’ve Only Just Begun"


Now Doris with a 1950’s ballad “When I Fall In love” --yeah, it sounds as if there may be a similarity in phrasing, and perhaps some in their voices.

I enjoyed listening to those.

But it also brought to mind how the content of current day female pop stars songs is rather drastically different from those days.

Apology; have been trying to edit the last post.Can’t

Wanted to post a You tube link to Anita O Day


I think at least some of our shared attitude is an age thing; I simply can’t understand or appreciate rap or hiphop

BUT, have discovered Jazz and Country as well as just singers I like in the last 20 years.


Two I currently like a lot;

k d lang, arguably the best voice of her generation, and Anita O’Day (1919-2006) who I discovered only two years ago. Anita is recognised by Jazz musicians as one of the best female jazz singers of the twentieth century.

I had not heard of her, but that’s pretty amazing jazz singin’ for a white woman.

here’s a classic country song for ya